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Shifting the Release Date to Mid 2014!

From the KS Update:
With 2013 finally exhausted, I'm growing a bit anxious about the slated release date of "early 2014." What I'd like to do is move my official estimate to "mid 2014." I honestly feel that an early 2014 release would require cutting corners, and at this point, we've come too far for that kind of thing!

I'd rather not construct excuses for you, as the reality is a very simple one: LT is a big project! I sincerely apologize for not meeting the original timeline. For better or for worse, I would sooner compromise on the timeline than on the vision and the features that I promised to you all.

At any rate, I hope you'll believe me when I say that I'm still totally on top of LT and pouring my everything into building this lovely space game, day after day, month after month. You need only take a peek at the dev logs if you're not yet convinced of my sincere love for it and the fierceness of my motivation to deliver!

Concerning funding, you needn't worry - there's still more than enough left to sustain development for however long it takes. The money that you all so generously pledged will allow LT to become a reality, and I will, of course, never ask for more. Of that I am certain!

Thanks for your understanding :)
Again, I apologize for this - but I really do want to deliver to you all the game that LT deserves to be! :geek:
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Re: Shifting the Release Date to Mid 2014!

If you've been involved with gaming for long enough, you've seen plenty of game development decisions that made you scratch your head, and wonder, "what in the world were they thinking?!"

So when someone makes a good choice, it's really not excessive to say, "yep, that looks exactly right to me -- thank you!"

This choice looks exactly right to me, Josh. Thank you, and thank you as well for your consistently superb communication about the state of Limit Theory.

OK, now I get to go watch the video. :D

Re: Shifting the Release Date to Mid 2014!

Hart of Lions wrote:Good on you Josh for not sacrificing the quality for time! :)

Though I hope that you are still making plans to go back to school in August? I hope! :thumbup:
Not sure when the American school year starts?

But from Nodal UI & Oculus Rift Idea:
JoshParnell wrote:
Andarra wrote:Is that because you can only defer your degree at Stanford by a year with respect to LT development?
No, I've already deferred it by another's just that I'd like to release the game at some point :) I will definitely still consider all of these cool ideas as things that could be done after the initial release!
JoshParnell wrote:Also, just so everyone knows, I was always planning to take 2 years off of school - this isn't a change of plans for me ;)
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Re: Shifting the Release Date to Mid 2014!

Victor Tombs wrote:It's not true altruism really. I just want my shiny discs to contain the best you can deliver. :mrgreen:
This. This soooooooo much! I want to feel safe in the knowledge that when the world is ending all around me I can still pop the LT disc into my disc drive and run it. :D
Hart of Lions wrote:Though I hope that you are still making plans to go back to school in August? I hope! :thumbup:
Going back to school? The only time he will need to go back to school is when he's schooling the professors! :lol:
In Josh we trust.

Re: Shifting the Release Date to Mid 2014!

Everybody's so nice and understanding!


I am outraged by this, how dare you delay this i am entitled nay it is my right to have this game yesterday! you evil evil man can't believe you had the audacity and guile to delay this project i bite my thumb at thee sir!!


Cheers :) Happy New Year everyone and I'm in full agreement with what has been said take all the time you need this is shaping up to be an amazing project I certainly don't mind waiting to see it realized in it's full glory :)

Re: Shifting the Release Date to Mid 2014!

I'm going to have to be a voice of reason here, so bare with me.

I don't mind the slip at all. Having more features than intended, or having better graphics that originally planned are awesome to me.

But realistically, the forums more than likely do not reflect the majority of the LT backers, and we have to keep them in mind. I am really glad Josh addressed this in an update video since that was sent to all backers, but maybe a little bit more in-depth Q&A about why the slip is happening to help prevent any naysayers from either joining just to gripe or say that this game is never going to happen.

While I'm not one for excuses, but an informed fanbase may not be happy, but at least understanding. I just don't want to disenfranchise those that don't visit the forums.
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Re: Shifting the Release Date to Mid 2014!

Well, tbh, I helped kickstarting a bunch of games, not this one, but this one is the only one I'm following. I'm sure there are more people like me who say "well, we'll see it appear when it's done".
I didn't even know Broken Sword 5 got released until last week. :D

The naysayers will naysay whatever the message is, positive or negative. People genuinly concerned/involved with LT will get Josh's message.
Sure some might not like it, and could use some extra clarification. I would welcome a Q&A session with Josh, but not only to hear about the shift in deadline. I'm eager to hear more of what he envisions for the future. :)
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