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Re: Development Update #11: November 2013

kindfox wrote:The node here is linked with everything in the sub relationship with that node. But will there be a way for me to quickly switch to another node that is in parallel with that node?
For example, I'm checking the weaponry under my Frigate X, and I want to quickly switch to the info under Frigate Y.
I just cannot figure how the 'compare' function will be presented in the node based UI. Hope you can shed a light on it.
JoshParnell wrote:Yes. :sp and :vs are coming soon in the nodal interface ;)
My guess is like this. :)

Re: Development Update #11: November 2013

What, no chatter here about the asteroid shader improvements? Which were blatantly gorgeous, although Josh seemed content to breeze quickly and vaguely through that bit of work from the Saturday of infamy, and despite youtube compression--ugh--grr.

I mean, wow! Eat your heart out, other space sandboxes: these are Limit Theory way-before-beta 'roids! They were even more effective than the spiffied up metal in showing off the dynamic lighting tuneup. :D

(By the way, any plans for harsher/wierder geometry on the space rocks, which may please the aesthetic tastes of those nefarious inhabitants of asteroid bases, or will they all be fairly docile-looking sheep of the void? Heh.. wolves in sheep's clothing..)

But don't think you're off the hook, ye olde popping problem definitely needs wave of graphics magic wand!

Explosions work made them not great, but a little bit better, as you say. Looking forward to leaps and bounds in this node of the shiny tree. :)
"omg such tech many efficiency WOW" ~ Josh Parnell

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