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Re: The End

Hey guys, I know I haven't been around in a long time. I dropped in to see if there was anything interesting going on. None of the discord links seem to work. I get a ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE error on both Edge and Chrome. I would love to hook back up with some of you guys.
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Re: The End

Yep, I have links to the discord server for the LT Redux in my signature. I'm glad that we have a team of us still working to complete this project. There's been a lot of technical upgrades over the past year. We have a work in progress wiki, a blog, a launcher for LTR that updates the game, and a lot of discussion going on in the discord server.

I almost wonder if it would be worth it for me to open up or bump the LT Redux thread and use it to share our annual/major updates with those browsing here.

Or would it be preferred if we wait until we have a game-play loop developed first before I post things?

Let me know.

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