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Re: The End

JoshParnell wrote:
Sat Mar 02, 2019 4:13 pm
[a lot of words]
Everything there sounds amazing, Josh!

But make sure you take your time with all this. Starting a new job can be really stressful without adding all that on top. We've been waiting, we can wait a bit longer for you to get things ironed out.

:thumbup: :D
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Re: The End

Thanks for the news, Josh. Happy to hear your life is « normalizing ».
And remembre that everybody is soooo much smarter in hindsight....

Flatfingers wrote:
Sat Mar 02, 2019 6:10 pm
As for LT, I suspect you've made a lot of people very happy -- in a strange sort of way -- that you don't see anything inherent in either the LT engine so far or the vision of Limit Theory The Game that would prevent making something very close to that game with that engine. That's been a key concern for a while now: is the LOD AI or market stuff just too hard for anyone to do? Or is it more a matter of how much persistence can be poured into that work? From your comments, it sounds like it's more a matter of accumulation of effort... which means the dream of LT-the-game is still within reach. That's going to inspire a lot of people, I think.
This is not a logical conclusion from the situation, in my view.
Josh has done an engine which makes possible to have many spaceships flying and with collision detection and so on. With amazing graphics. This is a great achievement in itself.
But until now, and Josh confirms it with ‘the number of features still missing’, there is still nothing of the living universe done. There is therfore absolutely no confirmation that a living world with LOD AI and so is within reach.
We are therefore still in the dark about it - not within reach...
Of course, it is always possible at a certain level, but the high level that Josh was aiming remain very, very challenging.

What I would be extremely interested in is a discussion of Josh, e.g. in a series of dev logs at irregular intervals when he feels like it, of the state of his reflections to deals with the core features of LT like AI, economy, LOD, etc... that would be so mighty interesting to see what a smart mind had as ideas (even incomplete or if ultimately not working).

Re: The End

Hmm. I think it's fair to say that what anyone else might make of LT's existing code won't be the exact game Josh would have built had he, mostly by himself, been able to do it.

And I'm inclined to agree that building a game close to Josh's vision would indeed be "very, very challenging."

But I don't think either of those puts a game that's reasonably close to what Josh had in mind out of reach, which was my point. It was Josh's comment (as I understood it) that the limits on making LT were primarily personal, not technical, that leads me to conclude a good game with the spirit of LT is at least possible. Not easily made! Just possible.

It's hard to say for sure until the code is released. But for now, I don't think it's crazy to hope that a team of skillful folks with time to spare may be able to make a playable game out of the foundations that Josh (and Adam and Lin) laid.

And if I'm wrong? I'd rather fail as an optimist than never have tried at all.

Re: The End

I know this is late but I had a long time to think. I missed the Kickstarter, which I still regret. If I had the chance to go back in time, I still would. I had also backed other games. Some I still wait for, others released. I am actually glad you made the decision, as difficult as it was, to say that you are not able to deliver.

Another game I waited for did deliver a finished game. I think I put down like $150 and I was so excited to play it...but it was so different than what was promised. The graphics were outdated, the design different, and I honestly played it for a couple of hours before realizing that I got suckered out of money for a game that was constantly talked about as being AAA quality leading up to release. I think even today, the developers have not made any comment about this complete deviation from what I feel we’re a lot of things that I expected and that made me angry and determined to never back them again.

They didn’t have the courage to say “You know what? We can’t deliver what we promised. We apologize to everyone but we don’t want to deliver a half-complete, low-quality piece of work, just to say we finished.”

Josh Parnell, you had the courage to say what you wanted to say. I wish others did. I know this sucks for you in more ways than maybe we will ever know, but know that you didn’t force an incomplete pile of garbage on us that could forever tarnish your career. I know I posted on this forever ago but it was probably just some generic statement. This is how I feel.

I’m glad I met everyone here, I still feel the urge to pop onto IRC, or see Talvieno and his GF for lunch or a drink. I never would have met you guys if I wasn’t here.

Thanks for everything.

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