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I Miss Josh


I thought I'd erect this shrine, to allow us to remember Josh in the best light possible
(no negativity, ppl) :)

Yes, another year has passed, and I find myself frequenting this forum on a daily basis (either logged in, or as a guest).

I want to reminisce on the joy of seeing a new update from Josh, and dream of the updates he used to post on Youtube, as well as those updates on this forum.

I don't know how long this thread will last, but please do post your memories of what drew you to LT (whether you were a backer on Kickstarter, or, like me, you missed the boat, and enjoyed being a part of this great community).
It would be amazing to hear from long-lost people who have moved on, and hearing where they are now.

So, without further ado,

I heard about LT within a month of missing out on the KS for LT.. and I've been trying, without success, to purchase the LT Beta :D
In this time, I have come to know a lot of people here (you know who you are), that I do hold dear to my heart, and wish nothing but the best for them.
I am thankful for the kindly few, who do keep updating here.. and like the lifeline on my palms, I do plan on staying in touch (in some form) on the forums, for a very long time to come.
(I do feel the force drawing me to the IRC chat, yet, I am of an age that has me pondering on the commitment of how I use my time, and I so want to join, but yet.. I do wish Taiya was my gf.. :monkey: )

Sending <3 out to those who read this (and those who don't),
And especially to you Josh ( you brought a rag-tag group of people together, who love you, and dreamed like you did, to make LT a reality).
Josh, I do hope you're following your dreams (and in dreaming, I do hope LT does come to life, at some stage, in my lifetime... there is truly nothing else like it out there, both now, and in the current future).

To everyone else, I hug thee and hope life is good for you too

In Josh We Trust

Re: I Miss Josh

Nicely said. I miss Josh, too.

I no longer remember how I first heard about Limit Theory -- I think it was having backed another space game, Eterium; maybe Kickstarter (back when it was actually about helping projects find funding) suggested Limit Theory because I'd backed Eterium. At any rate, the instant I read Josh's description, I was sold. The game sounded great, the project lead sounded smart and energetic, and I wanted to help in a small way to make that game happen.

The Dev Update posts -- my word, I'd never seen anything like that level of detail. And the video Developer Diaries left my jaw hanging open every single time. Do you remember the one where he flew over bodies of water -- the graphics code for which he had just done for the first time that very day? And the one where he showed us the the extraordinary visual data editor, which ought to be a standalone product I can buy today? (And with each new video we wanted him to record audio books?)

I've never regretted backing Limit Theory, or supporting Josh, or hanging out here with everyone else who was as inspired by Josh's ideas as I was. And it was a real pleasure to meet him in person at PAX South a few years ago, even if only briefly. There's no question he genuinely wanted to make this work.

I also hope Josh is doing well and in a place where he can be appreciated for the incredible work we know he's capable of doing.

In the meantime, I hope he won't object that I've added a little something to one of my own projects as a way to recognize his influence....

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Re: I Miss Josh

I was reveling in finally having internet on my computer after years of begging for it, and was looking up space games. At the time, no decent ones had come out in yeeeaaars; I found Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, and LT, all three of which had completed their kickstarters and were in development. I started following all three. I now wish I'd been able to support the kickstarters for E:D and LT, but even if I had been early enough I'd not have had the money. Oh well. :P I now own Elite Dangerous.

It was really cool reading Josh's dev updates even though I never understood most of it. Tal's summaries were absolutely wonderful. I think I joined the forum as a member and introduced myself after the big 2015 blackout thingy. At that time, I had seen the forum shrink considerably as frustrated people left, and I thought the people who stayed behind would be really great to hang out with. I was right.

I never really had an expectation of whether or not LT would be released... I thought it would be epic if it did, but would be unsurprised if not. The dabbling I've done in game development has shown me how brutally difficult it is. I never paid close enough attention to the devlogs or chatted with josh enough to really get to know him, let alone spot the signs of strain that some others have mentioned. Always had big respect for what he was trying to do: create the sort of game that *he* wants to play and feels is not being created by the big companies. I liked his vision and dream, and it's sad they haven't come about.

Dunno if he reads the forum anymore, or ever will again, but hey Josh, if you do see this, you're a real cowboy. o7
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Re: I Miss Josh

I joined this forum after looking online for a space game with a dynamic economy. None really seemed to exist, so when I heard Josh describe the game on his kickstarter it really excited me. I enjoyed the idea so much that I made a poster and CD case as part of a class project to advertise the game to my peers. I also enjoyed saving the majority of the Devlogs to PDF to document the work Josh did in the event we ever did lose the forum. I've had great discussions here, and I miss those and Josh's fresh ideas on things. His videos were fresh and beautiful, full of hope and inspiration. I really enjoyed it. It made life a little easier and gave me something to look forward to from week to week.

I'm very glad to have met you all and the time we have spent together theory crafting ideas. I will always miss Josh. But I hope that one day he will return. I carry some of my favorite LT screenshots on my phone everywhere I go, so if LT comes up in conversation I can show them the beauty of this game.

Re: I Miss Josh

Well.. I can't say I "miss" Josh, because I never really knew him...

I do miss the early hype for this game. I can honestly say I was more into the pre-release of this game more than any other game I have ever followed. (with the exception of a failed MMO called "Horizons", that, as far as I know, never came to be)
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