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Re: Share your MoBo knowledge and experience!

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
Wed Oct 23, 2019 5:37 am
fox wrote:
Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:55 pm
I made use of Creative Audio cards up to 2008. Then I switched to integrated audio with my current Gigabyte motherboard, which has -here is what it says- "Realtek ALC889A 8-channel audio codec".
I have been (mostly) satisfied with it, but I expect to exist better audio by now. Problem is, the only integrated audio I know of is what Gigabyte mounts on her boards. When looking at other brands (ASUS, MSI, ASRock...) I read unknown names and know not how they compare with the audio I am used to.
As someone who is currently working in electronics at a company producing speakers:
The chips driving the analog outs have been beyond discernible for normal users for a long while now.
From the on-paper stats i could find (the engineering documentation) its not significantly different from the best stuff i could find myself without having to directly ask manufacturers for quotes. ('ve been building a toy for my audiophile colleague).

Your speakers are far far far more important than the DAC driving them.
As long as the DAC isnt complete garbage.
Then I will trust your word on that -- Thank you for sharing :thumbup:

My current set of speakers is a 2.1 from Creative, the Gigaworks T3, bought strongly discounted before the company would turn into-... whatever it has turned into now.

While not an audiophile, I do listen to a lot of music from most genres.
The T3 has far more Watts than I need and I keep both Windows' and the T3's volume knobs at 50% all the time.
From all accounts the build quality is excellent. However, the Bass range is all over the place and during my gaming sessions it sounded like it could bring down the walls at the smallest input.
Took me days of repeated listening to my favourite songs to adjust the EQ and "neutralize" the set.
So the EQ has an ugly shape now ( :thumbdown: @ the Bass "out of the box"), but I am not going to move the set in a different room and see if I can make it nicer. Too much hassle.

-fox :wave:

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