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2018 FIFA World Cup

Football (soccer). 32 teams. 64 matches. If you care, you already know, and if you don't already know, you don't care.

Interested? Not interested? Tips for the top? Cheering for a team to win (or lose)? Feel free to discuss.


Normally I root for Italy, but somehow they didn't qualify, so I'm rooting for Japan instead.

Duck's recommended bets (note - odds correct at time of posting, subject to change dramatically):
- No matches to be decided in Extra Time (25:1)
- Group B: Morocco to win (14:1)
- No matches to be decided by Penalty Shootout (14:1)
- Neymar to win the Golden Boot. (10:1)
- Group C: Peru to win (17:2)
- Group A: Saudi Arabia to qualify (8:1)


I'll be honest: this is a self-promotion post. This year I figured I'd have a prediction game running on Twitch, hosted by everyone's favourite bot, Quackthing.

Rules and guide for those interested.
Games I like, in order of how much I like them. (Now permanent and updated regularly!)

Re: 2018 FIFA World Cup

Definitely very interested. I will probably try to watch as many games as possible. I might also add some of my predictions to your system when I get around to it, Duck.

Germany will certainly be strong again, although I don't think that we can defend the title.

Also, VAR. I am strongly in favor of it, even though the first season of it in the Bundesliga had a few hickups.

Re: 2018 FIFA World Cup

Cody wrote:
Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:33 am
They used VAR in last season's FA Cup. I like that it gets the correct decision, but it does take some of the immediacy out of the game.
That's right, but I think it is a better solution for the referees and also a lot of teams.

I would also say that (field-) hockey has an even better solution and I would love to see a trial in football as well.
Wikipedia/Umpire wrote:Decisions may be referred to the video umpire(referee) upon the request of a player of either team, or directly by a field umpire. Each team is permitted one video umpire referral per match, which is retained if the referral is successful and forfeited if the referral is unsuccessful. There is no limit to the number of field umpire referrals in a match.

Re: 2018 FIFA World Cup

Cody wrote:
Mon Jun 04, 2018 12:29 pm
thedamngod wrote:
Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:59 am
I would also say that (field-) hockey has an even better solution...
Test cricket has something siimilar, and that too has lost something - but it works.

Dele Alli booked for diving - 2:1
And rugby too! The TMO and the box of doom! :twisted:

I'm sure England will be just as craptacular as they always are and horrible people like me will laugh my arse off when they lose to Costa Rica.

Re: 2018 FIFA World Cup

I didn't watch it. I went to a restaurant, had some nice Dutch pancakes, played a few rounds of Squirrel or Die, then my squirrely companion and I enjoyed a nice stroll through London while the streets were emptied of folks watching the football.

Then, as we crossed Fenchurch Street, a mighty roar filled the air and suddenly PEOPLE. People everywhere. And there was no fire, no enraged monosyllabic Dagenham Daves picking fights with coked up traders. Just a band playing Sultans of Swing outside Liverpool Street.

I guess England won then..... :twisted:

PS. Gareth Southgate is a true gentleman.

Re: 2018 FIFA World Cup

Watched the Russia-Spain game...being a Russian who lives in Spain :lol:

Fortunately, I am out of Spain for the duration of the championship. The people there take football entirely too seriously. Like, seriously, it's a bloody religion there :monkey:

Was a good game, though, and very Russian - you lure the enemy in, you keep defending till attrition sets in, and then you deliver the killing blow :ghost:
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