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Mars Valley Urbanization Concept Challenge

Upon updating a thread courtesy of JanB1, I came across this interesting challenge.
Granted, the Timeline is
July 31 - Oct 16, 11.59 a.m. PST: Open Submission Period
New entries accepted until Oct 16, 2017 11:59 a.m. PST
Oct 17 - Oct 24, 11.59 a.m. PST: Validation Period.
Entries can still be revised and optimized during this period but no new submissions are accepted
Actually, there's a lot to see and view here, so I recommend anyone to click through, I'm hopeful someone here might find this useful? :monkey:

In Josh We Trust

Re: Mars Valley Urbanization Concept Challenge

  1. HP and NVIDIA® are bringing the greatest minds in the
    world together for a first-of-its-kind collaborative effort
    to explore humanity’s future on Mars, in VR.
    • HP Mars Home Planet is a global project to unite
      engineers, architects, designers, artists, and students
      to design an urban area for 1 million people on Mars and
      bring it to life through VR.
      • In the Mars Urbanization Challenge, participants will
        have access to Autodesk design software to build 3D
        models of buildings, cities, vehicles, and infrastrucure.
        • In the Mars VR Experience, participants will use Unreal
          Engine to bring the 3D models to life, with the creative
          and technical guidance of Technicolor, and create a virtual
          reality simulation of what life on Mars could be like.
          • Participants can register at The first
            10,000 registrants will be have access to a Fusion Mars
            2030 download code.
Cool, never knew I could format it like that :lol:

In Josh We Trust

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