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Star Trek Discovery

I just finished watching the first two episodes of STD and I have never been so unsure of my opinion of something.

First thing, Americans are getting hosed if they want to watch this legal. The only way is to get a (IMHO a crappy) subscription service. Canadians get it on regular TV, the rest of the world on Netflix.

STD seems to be a reboot of the Trek series that takes place between Enterprise and The Original. Though only two episodes in, the focus is on personal interaction first, story second, action third, everything else a distant fourth. It’s probably more to do with the pilot episode wanting us to develop an attachment to the characters early on.

The strange thing I have noticed so far, is that the show really focuses on a single character. Going by the previews of the following episodes the show follows this character around. (All I can say with out spoiling it for everyone) Also, don’t read the credits if you haven’t seen it yet. The intro credits list certain characters as “guest stars”... so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what characters won’t last.

There was a big elephant in the room for me watching this. To clear the air, I don’t really care if they have transgender characters. However, I can’t tell if the main character is supposed to be one or not. She has a male name and when shown in her childhood it was impossible to tell her gender. Call me old fashioned but I would have liked if they somehow let the audience know, then moved on from it. The character is played by a female actress, so perhaps I read too much into this.

Overall it doesn’t seem bad, but not that good, yet. I will watch out the first season regardless.
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Re: Star Trek Discovery

I'm glad that in your opinion action came third; I'd read a lot that STD seems to be more like Abrams Star Trek than the earlier series, and although that's not a bad thing in itself, it's not really what I'm looking for in Trek. The single character thing is definitely different, since the previous series have always relied on unified ensembles. This will be an interesting experiment.

The misnamed "All Access" thing is the main reason I'm not even going to watch the opening, really because there's no point in watching a beginning to something I have no intention of seeing any more of, at least until the whole season is done and I'll binge watch it all on the free month thing they've got going. That worked with Westworld and HBO, after all.

I get the impression the main character isn't transgender (from everything I've seen, which is less than you), but I'm kind of surprised they didn't actually go all out and make a big thing of it. My understanding is one of the writers (Fuller? fired now) has a history of giving male (nick)names to female characters, and that this was a similar instance of that. Putting in an all-out transgender character seems a sure-fire way to get brownie points from the media, at least.

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