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Re: 9/11

3? 7? 1?! Y'all make me feel old and grey. :ghost:
I was just beginning to get settled into high school. I'd never had a locker or known the combination to a lock before. It felt so ..responsible. Big Time. The Real World at last. Unhh nostalgia sucker-punch.
English teacher cancelled class. Took us down to the library to watch live shots of people stuttering in front of a White House backdrop.
That was a surreal moment for me.
The next morning I was delivering papers with full page pictures of burning skyscrapers in New York. I'd never heard of the World Trade Center before.
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Re: 9/11

I think it is right to remember things like this and to treat it seriously. More generally, whatever political motivations one may have to bring it up, the fact remains that the subject matter itself is tragic. It is an honour, however small, to the victims to remember something like this. It's very easy for us to say in rebuttal, "yes but it is not an honour to the victims to use their death for political purposes." Fine! But if anyone can say with a straight face that this was the purpose of OP needs their head examined. That 9/11 is an ammunition used for political purposes does not taint the event, only the people who use it this way. At least have the decency to give OP the benefit of the doubt, and mourn with them instead of obliquely pretending it's a political statement.

It is also easy for those of us who were young at the time to forget what 9/11 meant for America and for the west. Tragedies like this happen around the world and they shouldn't be minimized, but the shock that this delivered to a country which is not used to such tragedies is hardly unreasonable. It's easy to treat it flippantly, but even aside from the loss of life, itself awful, this signified a change of terms on a geopolitical scale.

Irreverence may be one way to deal with this today to try to make light of it, but at least in making jokes like this we recognize that it is reflection on a dark day, and a way, albeit perverse, of remembering that day.

Aside: visiting the 9/11 memorial in Manhattan was an experience I will never forget.

Re: 9/11

We heard about it when we sat at the dinner table at evening and watched the news in the TV. We all just sat there and weren't able to believe what we saw. We just sat there and watched it unfold in the news story.

As a soldier and firefighter, my thoughts are with the families that lost someone that day or in the following war(s).
I hope I never get in this situation (as a firefighter) and have to crawl into a burning skyscraper to save people. That is one of the absolute horror scenarios for every firefighter. And that these brave firefighters that day went into the tower nonetheless speaks for itself.
And as a soldier, I hope I never have to use my pistol or my rifle against another human being. But when I see how the global political situation is developing at the moment...well, let's hope they all calm down a little before things start to escalate.
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Re: 9/11

Well I was 24 at the time, I saw the whole thing play out live, on a large conference room monitor, at work. :problem:
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Re: 9/11

My dad was entering the Pentagon to go to a meeting when the plane hit the section he was heading to. He was late to his meeting- a few of his colleagues who were on time didn't make it.
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