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Re: 9/11

The tragedy is now old enough to drive. Honestly, I think most people have moved on and anyone who continues to bring it up and make it a prominent thing is likely doing so for political reasons, the same way they use "think of the children who might possibly be exposed" when they're looking to restrict what adults can or cannot do. Not saying you are Duke, just that many do.
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Re: 9/11

Duke, if you lost family and/or friends in 2001, I'm embarrassed on behalf of my esteemed fellow forumites who took this thread to be troll-bait.
Thousands of people died, many of them in circumstances of extreme fear and confusion and horror, and this is really very sad to remember. I expect it should remain so indefinitely.

Somehow, though, that Subway ad did make me smile.
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Re: 9/11

I didn't take it to be troll bait, but I didn't think Duke lost anyone there either. I wasn't actually trying to troll, but rather, had come across the image earlier in the day (DigitalDuck had posted it in IRC). As it had amused me, I posted it with the hopes that it might amuse someone else as well. I'm a strong supporter of the idea that laughter is the best medicine.

However, I also feel that you shouldn't be in mourning for sixteen years. It was a terrible thing to happen, yes, and not at all funny, and an atrocious thing for someone to ever even consider doing - but sixteen years is far too long to mourn any tragedy. At least, in my opinion. People should heal. Staying upset about such things for so long isn't healthy. It's what leads to anger and wanting revenge - like people fighting about things and trying to make "someone pay" for something that happened decades ago (which has happened quite often throughout humanity's history).

Re: 9/11

I didn't lose anyone. Not that I'd have cared, being three at the time, or would now for all I know. I have done an amount of research into the towers and the way they went down, mostly because the conspiracy theories made me curious. Whenever I think about what it must have been like to be in those things as they collapsed, I get shivers. It's no way for anyone to die. I have not "been in mourning for sixteen years." Only this year did I decide to look into the 9/11 event, and it has tremendously saddened me. Of course, if everyone's going to assume that I'm a weepy-eyed moron who can't let go of the past, I may as well pay my respects to those helpless people elsewhere. This has only been history for me for maybe a month.
I know a lot of people have turned this thing into fuel for their personal/political agendas, but I expected it to be obvious by now that I'm not a person who gives much of a flip about politics. I expected people would understand this not to be a joke thread, since I never made a joke. I posted a single emoticon, and as I told Tal once, my emotes are to be taken at face value.
I don't plan on whipping up a maniacal frenzy about this tragedy every day. Anniversaries exist for a reason. I think this day should be a day of quiet respect for the many people who lost their lives, and not be sullied by the idiotic frivolity so prevalent on the internet. Today is a day to remember what happened, and (my words, not that trite phrase) never forget these people. For the rest of the year, I'll not be wrapped up in this. As Tal just said, people should heal. But that absolutely does NOT mean that you can dismiss any tragedy ever as simple history, or crack jokes about it. It's the lowest possible taste, entirely disrespectful, and makes me ashamed of my fellow humans.

If I die in some major tragedy, I'd prefer it if people quietly respect my passing, not make it into a joke or meme. I therefore am treating others as I'd like to be treated.

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Re: 9/11

Nothing in my post was directed at you, Duke. I thought you knew me better than that, but sometimes intentions can get mixed up in pure text. At any rate, there's no reason to feel defensive. You're fine. I do "respect their passing", so it's clear, but feel like wanting someone to remember you forever is a bit egotistical, and, in the same vein as you wanting to treat others as you want to be treated - I try to lighten morbid things so they have less of a negative effect. If I die I would like people that know me to go "Oh... tal died... that's really sad" and maybe offer condolences, memorial stuff, things like that... but I don't want people to still be mourning me a year after I'm gone. I don't want people to still be miserable or even unhappy about it. I want them to get over it and get on with their lives - and - if possible - become better people. Those are just idle fantasies though. :D I've done nothing yet to really make people become better people... unlike the late Jimmy Doohan, who was, by all accounts, an extraordinarily inspiring man. (The first one that comes to mind.)

(again, none of this is directed at you or anyone in particular :) )
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Re: 9/11

IronDuke wrote:
Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:19 pm
... I'm not a person who gives much of a flip about politics.
I expect that'll change as you get older. In one form or another, politics is running your life. Crikey, Duke, you nearly had me going on a rant about politics. Such rants are not good for my well-being - please be more careful in future. <grins>
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Re: 9/11

outlander wrote:
Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:43 pm
I never understood why Americans have the dates written backwards. It doesn't make any sense, as is explained here:
It's written the correct way. If they remember to tack the year on the front.
^ Correct.

I remember getting ready for school, and my mum getting a call from my dad to turn the news on. Then watching the second plane hit.
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Re: 9/11

I was at home when it happened, saw it on TV. They did a short one first, and then did constant reporting from the scene for a couple of hours I think. Thought that well, US had it coming. After a rather brutal ISIS-style insurgency in Chechnya murdering several thousands of people was just another boring Tuesday. The impact wasn't felt, so desensitised we were. Still, a terrible way to die.
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