The Adventures of Crimson Glitterstorm and friends.

So, I started running a game of Pathfinder for my wife, my sister, and my sister's boyfriend.
I had some help from the IRC getting the world locations named and set up, and promised that I would write up their adventures.
World Map in the spoiler.
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It took us most of the first two nights to get their characters created.
And then we finally managed to get started after dinner tonight.

We have their three characters:
Crimson Glitterstorm, the gay Orc Fighter. Played by my wife, he is a brutish orc with a flair for the flamboyant.
Momo-haiku, the half-rat half-cat Bard. Played by my sister, she is a roguish abomination of nature with a severe lack of compasses, moral and regular.
Garahein the Dark Wizard. The halfling wizard. Played by my sister's BF, he is a short wizard with a short temper and a lack of clothing.

They each, for reasons of their own, arrived at the small village of Arkham 6 days ago, nestled in the foothills of the Bantu Alps. Along the border of the Imperium and the Bantu Tribes. (Near the star icon on the map) The locals, a small cult of mixed races have been dedicated to resurrecting their Dread Lord, whose name is known only by the high cultists.
The Cultists sheltered and fed the ... "heroes", and educated them about the ways of their cult.

Awakened in the middle of the night of the seventh day by horns and shouts. The heroes are informed that the Manus Dei, the Hands of God, are moving in with an army to exterminate the village. These soldiers from the Imperium are on a crusade to wipe out all non-pure and non-humans from the world. They will tolerate no cultists on their borders.

After quick deliberation and equipping themselves, they decided first to stay and fight, until they realized it really WAS an army coming, at which point they bravely ran away. A small trio of soldiers followed them and waylaid them, attempting to bluff Momo-haiku tries to tell them that the heroes are allies of the Manus Dei which doesn't help their situation at all. After the soldiers attack, the trio quickly getting the hang of their weapons and magic the soldiers were quickly put down.

After looting the bodies, the game is quickly derailed, and the trio head back towards the village. Arriving to a burned village, and just two soldiers left standing around. Attempting yet another bluff Momo-haiku tried to say she was of the Manus Dei, a highly ambitious bluff, which really didn't pay off. Perhaps she should just stop trying.

After a quick and bloody battle, the soldiers flee, and the group loot what they can and head back into the forest to regroup and heal.

They manage to find a nice small clearing and set up camp. In the morning the next day a trio of cultists stumble into the clearing. Momo-haiku and Garahein manage to hide, but Crimson Glitterstorm takes a different approach, charging them, and attempting to mount one of them. Tripping the cultist and flipping him over Crimson climbs on top of the cultist and starts screaming "Giddy up" at the top of his lungs.
One of the cultist's friends slashes Crimson in the face, enough to let the downed buddy get up and stab Crimson as well.

Crimson, seeing that his friends are not willing to help in this fight surrenders, and the cultists quickly flee, just wishing to escape the horror visited upon their village. Behind them Crimson screams out his own name, making sure the cultists know who he is. Taking with them the tale of the rabid gay orc Crimson Glitterstorm, they flee, hopefully to never see our heroes again.

The trio spend another night resting, and are attacked in the middle of the night by a Goblin Dog. Momo-haiku starts a magical lullaby, and Garahein casts sleep, sending the ugly mutt into a deep sleep. Which Crimson uses to deliver a killing blow.

The trio awake in the morning, deciding to head to Lydby, a City in the Imperium, and set off.

Here ends the first session of the Adventure of Crimson Glitterstorm and friends.
One of the weirdest games of Pathfinder I have ever played, and I have been a Dwarf that flung it's own poop at a guard while in prison.
And now to prepare adventures for a monstrosity, a flamboyant gay, and a short angry halfling, in an Imperial City.
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