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PDF editing help needed please

I don't have access to my regular machine and need some quick help, I trust enough people here not to point me in the direction of spy or malware.

I need a windows based program to edit some PDF files, to be more specific to be able to hand (mouse) draw on them.

I have stuff to do this on my normal machine, but am using someone elses right now. Something free, bare bones is fine, just need to sign some stuff.

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Re: PDF editing help needed please

You might have better luck with just adding an image? Mouse-drawing sounds like a possibly-rare feature. If you just need to sign you could use a paint program that supports transparency (such as GIMP, Paint.NET, etc) and make a transparent-background image of your signature, and then just add it to the PDF..

I've never done something like that myself but a quick google reveals a few "add an image to a PDF" websites that will let you do it online - first hit on google was which seems like it would handle it?

Alternatively I've just opened my copy of Foxit Reader and there's a button for "PDF Sign". Not sure if that's a premium feature or something but might be worth a look?

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