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Re: This is me.. trying not to crash..

FormalMoss wrote:
Naed wrote:First, lovely video, and lovely looking track :)

Got a couple of questions for you, if you are willing to answer

It looks like your rebound is a bit too quick on your fork. as in, it comes up a "bit" too lively. If that makes sense? It can just be the video and the POV that is playing tricks on me. But a couple of "clicks" towards softer rebound might make your ride quite a bit nicer.

The small "ledges" that you go over/down. Looks like you are not scooting your bum back. Especially the first one has you looking like you are hitting fairly hard onto the front wheel?
Thanks Naed, yes, my forks were off on that day. Today, however, they seem to have "rebounded" back to normal again, quite weird.
Actually, I haven't had them serviced in 4 years, and only used them for proper mtb'ing in the last month. :shock:
I need to get them serviced, and now I know where, I'll drop them in after the weekend (or get new forks so I have two in case I prang one! :lol: ).

On the seat front, (watch my other vids from Ballinastoe), I have always been a sit down and get up the hill and not bother with putting the seat low, as I tend to not stretch my back enough (one of the vids in Ballinastoe has me stretching my back mid-flow :D ).

Also, after chain trouble last night (currently uploading those vids as I type) I'm thinking of upgrading the whole chainset to a single gear up front (the norm these days).
It's an investment atm, as I need my bike to take the punishment it's taking and shrug it off. I've plans to go travelling to other mountainbike areas around Ireland.

But by all means, keep your questions coming. I'm completely new to this (I don't even know how to edit videos, I've tried with lightworks but given up way too easily).
re: Single cog in front: i can HIGHLY recommend it. Something like the sram GX or NX set is cheap and works like a charm (or the same-ish model from shimano if that is your thing, personally prefer sram thou)

re: Forks: Yes, please do get them serviced, and do take a frank talk with the mechanic there about how you ride and what kind of benefit you could potentially get from a new fork.

re: Seat: You dont have a dropper post?

re: Pedals: you riding with clip or spikes?

Re: This is me.. trying not to crash..

Riding with spikes.
Fractured the cup of my elbow (the olecrenon?) after I tried a wheelie, fell back and landed on my coccyx, and then slammed my left elbow into the ground with the weight of the bike above me.
All because I was clipped into pedals at the time.

I've seen vids of guys running the same run I do, and it is completely mad.

Also, I have 26" wheels (the original, and still the best) :)
I've no plans to go racing anytime soon.

I kinda have to go with Shimano XT rear cassette, because of Hope Hubs.
Anything that works with that, I'm happy out.

Nope, no dropper post, but that requires the single cog up front first.
Any recommends on what I should keep an eye out for?

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