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What is your favorite thing to cuddle?

Plushie toy
Total votes: 1 (5%)
Total votes: 3 (14%)
Girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse, if you have one
Total votes: 6 (27%)
Computer PC/MAC
Total votes: 3 (14%)
Other electronic device
(No votes)
(No votes)
Limit Theory Forums
Total votes: 3 (14%)
Limit Theory Forum User
Total votes: 2 (9%)
REKT Subforum
Total votes: 2 (9%)
Sharp objects
(No votes)
Pillow and/or other soft bed item
Total votes: 2 (9%)
Other (specify in forum post)
(No votes)
Total votes: 22

Re: Favorite cuddlable?

Detritus wrote:
JanB1 wrote: *starts eating you as said in the IRC*
*is not digestible*
*is also non-biodegradable*
*is also very tough, will make your teeth crack and your gums bleed*
*is also fighting every centimeter of the way down your throat*
You cannot escape!

*You realise me is a sarlaac*
Automation engineer, lateral thinker, soldier, addicted to music, books and gaming.
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