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Re: Flatfingers's Music

Oh yeah, I'm not saying it would've sounded better with an accordeon - just that it would've sounded nice also.
(Actually because of the bandoneon - that one does chords, so also letting it do melody would be logical as that's how accordeons are played)

As for sounds, if your program support it, you can look around for sfz files or alike (called soundfonts) to plug in your midi synthesizer. There are quite a few that are free and, while not professional quality, sound better than basic midi.
I think I had a decent one for violin, but I lost it when our old laptop died... I'll try to remember what it was called :ghost:
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Re: Flatfingers's Music

I really enjoyed that! My favourites continue to be the Discovery Theme and Violet's Music Box. I liked Voyager's theme too (a fair bit more than the show itself) and I'm a total sucker for the First Contact theme, which I seem to remember you saying you liked. If this is the direction you want to go I for one am super on board with that!

Re: Flatfingers's Music

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:14 am
Scytale wrote:
Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:52 pm
I'm a total sucker for the First Contact theme
I blame you for that my ears are filled with loud, brassy, shiver inducing music!

Edit: dammit. I guess im going to have to watch first contact or nemesis now.
"or nemesis"??

Although I know Insurrection was not exactly great, I do still like it and it would be my first thought after First Contact

Re: Flatfingers's Music

Detritus wrote:
Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:51 pm
Hmm... Flatfinger's sir, is your Soundcloud user profile picture an actual real live picture of you, or is that merely a placeholder? :think:

:D :D :D I'm fully surprised any one still sees that SoundCloud site -- I swear I'm still working on some new music, but my output has definitely dropped off from the initial burst.

Yep, that's me.

Re: Flatfingers's Music

Well, I deeply enjoy your music, and I am following you on Soundcloud. Recently, I went through my list of people I am following, looking for a good composer to listen to. I saw your new avatar, and listened to your full profile. :D

Also, you do not look like how your voice sounds. xD I have nooo idea how you can sound like you do in "Miss Jean Recalls." :P

Looking forward to your upcoming tracks. :D
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Re: Flatfingers's Music

Thank you! You just made my day!

The bad news is that my old MIDI synth keyboard, which I've banged on for maybe 25 years now, finally expired.

The good news is that I used this as an excuse to upgrade. :) So I'm back in business -- just have to make the time to build out some of the concepts I've been testing.

(And yes, I promise that's really me on "Miss Jean Recalls," although the vocal recording is embarrassingly awful -- that's the next thing I need to improve.)

Thanks for listening, and for the kind words!

Re: Flatfingers's Music

:o I'm glad I made at least one person happy today. xD :D

Ooh, so more awesome higher quality musics incoming? :twisted:

(I believe you. :P You've got a soothing voice. :) )

Heyhey, thanks for composing. :D
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For some reason, I feel obliged to display how many people have talked in IRC over the past 2 hours: Image

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