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Stellaris 1.5 MegaGame

Hey guys,

So on the IRC this should be rather well known, but around here I doubt it it.

But when the next patch (and DLC) for Stellaris drops, there are plans to have a massive multiplayer game.

Everyone who owns the base Stellaris is welcome, I will have the latest DLC so the game will include all the content from it for you.
So it is a good chance to try the new stuff before you buy it.
Paradox games are good like that :D

Just to reiterate that, you will not need any DLC, the content will be unlocked by the host having it. :D
There will be no mods, to make it easy.

The plan is to play on April the 8th American and European time. (9th for Australia, New Zealand), this is to catch as many of us as possible (as both days are weekends)
Likely around 8pm UTC, 9am NZDT, 7am AEDT, 3pm Eastern, and 12pm (midday) Pacific.
(Yay, daylight savings in the southern hemisphere makes things better for everyone :D)

You will want to join the Limit Theory discord, as this is the system we use for Voice Chat. And stellaris is a hell-of-a-lot of fun when you are chatting and bragging with each other.

Just register interest below.
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Re: Stellaris 1.5 MegaGame

I'm not sure if I will be able to be there, I have a military event through the day and so far I don't know if it will expend to the evening and through the night. Gotta clear this up till then. If it doesn't, count me in.
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