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Re: PS4 vs $750 PC

Dinosawer wrote:I don't know anyone who has a console, a phone, but no pc or laptop. Might just be my lack of knowing people though.
If I weren't a programmer I probably wouldn't have a laptop at all. I'd just have more peripherals for my phone.
Dinosawer wrote:A console isn't a laptop. You can't use it on the move, it doesn't have a screen, so a fairer comparison would be a small pc with a micro-ATX or so :P
Tell that to the Switch. :mrgreen:

(But yeah, okay.)
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Re: PS4 vs $750 PC

Steam machines are a good alternative yes, but their cost is typically restrictive, at those costs you would usually be better off with a custom made device.

The reason for this is that the Console producers can buy in bulk, and get specially crafted hardware, while the people making steam boxes are using off-the-shelf stuff, might be bought in bulk, but isn't specially crafted.

Also, a $100 dollar netbook + a $255 dollar PS4? That'll cover basically any needs for regular people.
By this I mean :
Gaming, Text Editing, Spreadsheeting, Email, Internet Browsing, Pr0n, VoIP and Videochatting.

So for $355 one can replace an expensive $1000+ PC.

However, as everyone here is pretty much PC over Console, your needs may vary, and you might have to acquire a PC of far higher standard. However the average user doesn't require this.
Now, I just want to make the point that I am personally spending $6000 on my PC over the next few months, this entire argument started because some people disrespect consoles. When in fact they should be disrespecting the companies that do exclusive games. :3 (Sony and Microsoft, you guys are pricks)
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Re: PS4 vs $750 PC

Dinosawer wrote:
Silverware wrote: Also, a $100 dollar netbook
What magical world do you live in where you can buy a netbook for 100 dollars?
Man, have you never seen the chromebooks?
Although they may have gone up in price since I last actually looked at them, a netbook doesn't fill my requirements so haven't thought about them since they were first introduced.
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Re: PS4 vs $750 PC

Silverware wrote: Man, have you never seen the chromebooks?
Although they may have gone up in price since I last actually looked at them, a netbook doesn't fill my requirements so haven't thought about them since they were first introduced.
If a100€ netbook performs as good as the price suggests compared to my 300€ "productive" laptop i'd rather get a better phone and plug it into a screen.
cause thats more resource efficient probably.
(I already need a dedicated screen for the console anyway)

Re: PS4 vs $750 PC

I posted the ailenware rig,
Because it has custom parts and
a custom case and it just as easy to
setup and use as modern consoles.

yea the start up cost is a little higher,
Because the other guys sell hardware
at break even prices or a loss and overcharge on software.
but on PC the games are cheaper and will
make up the difference in the long run.
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Re: PS4 vs $750 PC

I seldom get involved in these type of discussions but this once has been on my mind for years. I own a PS4 and 8+ computers. I play 10 times more on my PC than I do on the PS4. The PC is just my gaming platform of choice and I'd spend and have spent many times the costs of a console to achieve the performance I want in my games. The PC gives me that choice and flexibility. I'm sure developers like the consoles more though due to only having to worry about programming on limited hardware. I'm sure its a pain trying to get software to run on 1000s different hardware configurations.

My PS4 ends up being a media player most of the time. It's rare that I find a game I want to play that only comes out on a console.

Plus old tower PCs can substitute for coffee tables and foot stools :) Also if you power them up under your desk they can keep your feet warm.

Re: PS4 vs $750 PC

Ok, i'll bite the bullet.
I have 3 computers (one is a laptop running linux mint, the other two are my Proxmox servers for running multiple VMs), and an Xbox 360.
The 360 is mostly used for Netflix, and maybe Forza 6 (cos it's only available on the 360).

Unless you're on MS Gold Live, all games cost 70 euro, even a year after release.
So if I want a play a game, I'd be better off (both financially and performant) with a PC.
But I'm a techie at heart who is willing to pay the extra $ for the higher spec machine, as I think of future performance as well as my current needs.

A raspberry Pi is a good investment, and cheap, although it doesn't help me when I want to run more than 5 webpages concurrently.

Just thought I'd weigh in :)

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Re: PS4 vs $750 PC

So this discussion could provide some insight.

The impression I get is that consoles are maybe a bit like Apple products: excellent at what they're designed to do, but the tech savvy will tend to find a better way. One difference is that consoles can be more cost-effective relative to the alternatives than Apple, but there's no quantification to back it up.

Also, for the non-tech savvy, consoles can be more cost-effective than PC (for pure gaming purposes) economically speaking, if not financially.

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