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Re: Random Sad Thread

Well, we were celebrating Diwali today; it's the Indian festival of lights. :) (Just like many Christians celebrate Christmas with their families, we celebrate Diwali)

My brother and I burst a few crackers. Just sparklers, to be specific. It's sort of illegal to fire away the rockets and to light up bombs. :P We also made lots of sweets and namkeens (idk what you call it in English). Well, while we were having fun I realized that it's going to be the last time that I'll be spending a Diwali with them. Even if I do get a chance to celebrate it with my family again, it would be in about at five years and my brother would be completely grown up, just like me. So... We'd never celebrate it like this again. Since we're having stupid exams and a lot of school work, I didn't get to spend a lot of time having fun. It just sucks that time flies and with time things change. :cry:
I have a feeling that once I'll move out, that's next fall, I'll be pretty lonely. :P I already feel lonely right now, it'll get worse but we'll see how things will fare.

Sorry about the depressing thing I brought up. ;-;

Re: Random Sad Thread

I have a random sad and I felt like posting a post here stating that I have said random sad. However, I don't feel like disclosing the details of the random sad. So just know that I have a random sad.

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