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Re: Limit Theory Fan Contest - Discussion

Talvieno wrote:
Cha0zz wrote:Well I now feel like I should make an account for jimmy too >.>
and now I very strongly feel like deleting the botposts and banning any and all bot accounts (including Taiya's) that make posts. It's the reason I hesitated to make an account for Taiya in the first place. I don't want people cluttering up the forums with fake accounts. I feel like I set a bad example last night with Taiya. Detritus was right - I really needed sleep.
They shouldn't make posts no :V
And you should be sleeping alread :P

!bed ;)
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Re: Limit Theory Fan Contest - Discussion

The trouble is that we're setting an example for everyone else, and not everyone will understand or even care that they're actually tied to bots in IRC. We're sending the message that it's okay to make throwaway accounts to make jokes with, and it's okay to use more than one account at a time. While that's fine for something like Imgur, where anonymity is the norm and expected and there's almost zero moderation, for somewhere like here where we try to maintain a certain atmosphere, that makes moderating the place very, very difficult.

I really shouldn't have made that taiya post last night. :?

edit: on the other hand, saoirse does have a cute avatar.
(I probably need more sleep.)
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Re: User-created Bots and the Forum

For now:

For tomorrow: then tell people of the future it's not allowed unless you have mod permission the first time it happens. Solved. :ghost:
Although, to be honest, as long as they don't post you don't actually have a way of knowing whether an account is a lurker or a human made scrapebot to start with. Half of our 1881 zero post users could be that, for all that you know. It's not like you notice.
And as for double accounting, nobody notices that either unless they make it obvious, in which case, intervene the first time it happens.
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Re: User-created Bots and the Forum

Dinosawer wrote:Also, in more seriousness, I think the bots are more part of the community than the thousands of zero post users we have. And a handful of bot accounts doesn't exactly clutter the forum.
Let Saoirse have her one pudding post okay, for flavour :ghost:
I was thinking the same thing myself, Dino. Lurking is fine in moderation but it doesn't add anything at all to the forums. I find the handful of bots to be both entertaining and informative. :angel:

I also tire of the one post members. You welcome them sincerely and invite them to join in and contribute and they promptly disappear never to be heard of again. It's bloody annoying. :x

Re: User-created Bots and the Forum

Just on the subject of bots, if it's serving a useful function, I have no problems with it, but I'm curious what sort of useful functions they would possibly serve.

If it's useless however, it has no place cluttering the forums.
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