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Re: Fall of Gods Album

pledged of £30,022 goal
hours to go

:D Across the line for the first stretchgoal, the addition of the Bestiary to the book.

But with only a few hours to go, it's doubtful if we will get that second album from you François. :(

I'm doing my best to remain hopeful that there will be a massive influx of pledges during these final hours. :angel:

Re: Fall of Gods Album

I've felt a bit lonely in this thread over the period of the fundraising, François, but I'm pleased to read that MOOD did show some interest in further work from you. :) It did take the shine off the result when the one and only stretchgoal was the addition of the Bestiary to the printed book. :(

As to 2018 being the year of Limit Theory, I'll echo part of your own post, "we never know". I seem to have been waiting to hear your soundtrack for an eternity. I do hope the coming year will provide me with a relief to the long wait. My Freelancer audio CD needs a companion. Perhaps by the end of next year I will have at least heard the main theme. :)

It goes without saying that I wish you every success in the coming year and I hope you will stay in touch with the LT forums, François. :angel:

Re: Fall of Gods Album

Hi Victor, yes sorry to being off the grid. I was knee deep into a crazy deadline for the last weeks. Now everything is back to normal. I’m happy that you kept it alive and all the comments on their Kickstarter page. Hope we can give you a glimpse of LT OST in the first quarter of 2018.

Let’s see :)

Re: Fall of Gods Album

If it sounded like I was chastising you, François, nothing could be further from the truth. It's been a novel experience to exchange words with you. :D I haven't done this with Josh for ages.

I was actually referring to the fact that it seemed I was somewhat the solitary one who wanted to exchange words with you. Every game I've ever developed an interest in had an awesome soundtrack. I just wish you had a less specifically titled thread, you should have a thread which acknowledges you as the Music Lead for LT. A proper developer thread. You shouldn't be tucked away in this backwater of off-topic. :(

You're worth more to this project than that, François, :angel:

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