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Re: The Daguerreian Process

Talvieno wrote:Black--Snow looks to be a dashing cavalier. :D Would not at all be surprised if he knew how to use a sword. :lol: And BMRX looks artistic, level-headed and dependable. :thumbup:

BFett - you look like a scientist type to me. :D Particularly a chemist. I could see you in a labcoat. Good jawline too. That smile is soooo faked though. :P
Thanks for the complement Talvieno. Although I'm not currently planning on pursuing a degree in that field, government work does sound appealing.

Edit: Because what I said before was bothering me for several days.

Re: The Daguerreian Process

BFett wrote:Hey Silverware, why do you think BMRX's face and my own ought to be swapped? BMRX and I were on IRC trying to theorize why you said that and we are both stumped.
Because I thought BMRX would be the nerdy looking one, and BFett less so. :3
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