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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

This thread. Much higher level of activity on the Creative Writing board forum in general today because of it - and in IRC. :D
Slymodi wrote:watching Star Wars with aforementioned friends

I KNEW IT! You're Skyfligher!!!
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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Talvieno wrote: :lol: Didn't you get a phone number just yesterday, Charley?
Well, that was the one I just posted(I told you guys on IRC) :p She originally said that she was talking to multiple guys so that she could figure out who was best but by the end of today, she said that I was the only one she was talking to. She wants to meet me this week, so here's hoping she doesn't turn out to be too crazy(I like some crazy just not too much). :lol:
but we both are currently living at home(One of my most terrifying insecurities), she is finishing up her bachelor's degree(I already have mine...woo), and she keeps talking like we are going to be hanging out everyday already(with me cautiously reminding her that we have to meet and see if we even like each other in person first). I like that but don't want to get carried away. Like the last 4 girls ;D
But the highlights:
A) Isn't going to try and get pregnant like a psychopath
B) Isn't going to judge me
C) Doesn't like sitting indoors all the time and call it 'hanging out' (I like the outdoors...more than many of you know) :D
D) I thought of something...then forgot...will remember eventually.
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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Dinosawer wrote:2? 2 what?

What kind of physics? :ghost:
Grade :ghost:

Basic physics one, nothing too involved.

Deducing classical doppler effect, explain the relativistic one, explain second law of thermodynamics, how are the meter and kelvin defined.

Simple stuff actually, but im bad in deducing stuff that other people can still read it, so i got the 2 :ghost:

Cha0zz, we have it from 1 to 5, but yeah.

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