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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Dinosawer wrote:
Talvieno wrote:I swear I don't hate his guts
Idunno, his appendix can be really nasty and sarcastic sometimes

And have you heard his liver? :ghost:
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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Philip Coutts wrote:Managed to get a lot of planting done at my allotment on Saturday. It made me very happy :D
I seem to have kicked my inherited habit of gardening, Philip. Unfortunately, the lawns and every other growing plant didn't get the memo and I had to spend hours this week rediscovering the lawn. :oops:

Strimmers are wonderful devices and contributed to my happiness. :D

I really should consider hiring a gardener to keep the place neat and tidy but it goes against my reclusive nature. :angel:

Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Charley_Deallus wrote:Suggested the idea of a Victor Tombs Appreciation Thread...was received positively. Now...for the planning...
I saw it, Charley, but I was hoping it was just a passing fancy and that once you were fully sober you would forget the idea. I'm flattered by the attention but not worthy of it. ;)

I've always shunned the spotlight, my friend. :angel:

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