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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

thedamngod wrote:
Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:52 am
Yes, please. What exactly are those orange bubbly things on the one slice?

Also, I am slightly annoyed by the butter distribution :P
Orange thingies are caviar - so, essentially, salt-cured fish roe, as F4wk35 noted.

Butter distribution was because of the quick and dirty nature of the celebration (New Year's Eve according to the Julian's a Russian thing :D ).
Survivor of the Josh Parnell Blackout of 2015.

Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Today they have restored my internet connection after 36+ hours of disservice.
And they have been exceptionally fast in doing it -- but not until after I opened a ticket wih their tech support earlier today.
And then, a few tens of minutes later, I was magically connected again.

Funny how on my router the DSL led has been lit green all this time while the WWW led was lit red.
I like to think that somebody must have tripped over the console with all the OFF buttons and he must have clumsily hit *my* switch dead on :P


Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Playing Final Fantasy VII (the very PlayStation version in 3 discs, no less!) on my smartphone thanks to a free PS1 emulator app that works like a charm.
It is 1997 again! :D

A couple of screenshots from my smartphone.
(screen size reduced to 720p to save battery; my device is no champion of power saving :roll: -- The emulator can otherwise handle any screen)
Image Image

:think: I must remember to activate the 2D filtering. Seeing the pictures this big makes the pixelation most evident.
Not a problem when playing on my device screen, though.


Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

zircher wrote:
Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:38 pm
DriveThruRPG approved my latest RPG adventure. No GM's Sky - Uncharted Worlds is a space exploration sand box adventure for the Uncharted Worlds RPG. It's a freebie (well, a PWYW, which really just works out like a tip jar.) Check it out! ... ted-Worlds
Congratulations! Finishing a project is hard. :D

Somebody get this man a blue "Indie Developer" forum handle!

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