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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

It's a limited edition of her CD, I think there are some still left in her online shop. And she likes personalising stuff, and generally she's old-fashioned and loves actual physical letters. She looks quite shy and humble on her videos - Hell, she IS shy and humble, but she's actually extremely easy-going IRL. Especially when addressing her in Spanish :)
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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

We had a DnD weekend this weekend and had our second and third long session. Highlights:
-Befriending an abberation by giving it steak (a Nothic, for who cares), only to accidentally unleash it on the village and having to kill it to prevent it from killing our rogue's 10 year old nephew
-After we captured the bandit leader and got him to tell us the password that disables the skeleton guardians, we eavesdrop on guards asking each other
"You still know the password?" "Er no, what was it again?"
Cue our fighter (Femsawer) bursting through the door, shouting "I know the password!" and starting cutting down the guards, shouting the password ("Illefarn!") with every strike.
DM was laughing so hard she gave the fighter a surprise attack for that.
Meanwhile, the guard skeletons were just standing there watching the whole thing, since their password was being said all the time so they didn't feel like they needed to do anything.
-Posing as bandits ourselves, convincing drunk bandits that their rather powerful bugbear allies are plotting against them and watching them get themselves killed as they try to fight the bugbears missing constantly because they're drunk. Saved us some combat :ghost:
-Tying up the bandit leader, only to then leave him behind for a couple of hours, allowing him to get free and nearly escape if not for a severely overkilling Guiding Bolt cast by my dorf (thank you, 120 foot range)
(Guiding bolt is basically a divine photon torpedo, for those not playing DnD)

Combat seems to get more fun at higher level, it seems. :)
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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Triggerhappy wrote:
Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:48 am
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You sell yourself low
Yeah, but Duke never replied to half the threads in the entire E&A section :lol:
Jan only got to half? I'm disappointed
Sorry guys. :oops: :shifty: :silent:

But yeah, I replied to every topic that was marked with "new entry" for me. So...yeah.
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