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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

I don't think that it's especially new. Leaning more toward the old school of roguelikes, it embraces the bizarre in a post-apocalyptic setting.
Haven't played it myself, but my interest was also piqued a while back so I started following it.

On a related note: have you heard of or played UnReal World, the decades-old and still developing strong Finnish historical DF-adventure-mode-like?
I only learned of it this week, and it looks great (and plays well --it's available for free).
"omg such tech many efficiency WOW" ~ Josh Parnell

Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

My bum has never been so cold!
My foot nearly froze itself off!
I was so wet, I couldn't feel it, and I'm going to buy a new emtb!
Naed was right, I should have left my credit card at home!
I've had such fun cycling a carbon fiber Specialized Levo, for two hours, high up in the hills of Rostrevor.
There's no speed display on the bike, and it's grand, I can concentrate on the cycling more, and be amazed at where the bike takes me.
I wonder how long before I have to wait..

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