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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Talvieno wrote:
Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:47 am
Hmm, dunno how much I trust that. Common sense says, "take it with a grain of salt". Anyone can be wrong. On the other hand, maybe they've found an investor or are working on making a deal.
I jolly well hope so. :lol:
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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

F4wk35 wrote:
Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:21 am
Nice ride, FormalMoss!

I really like the colors. :D
Thanks F4wk35, I'm looking outside today (it's raining) and looking at my current steed (without mudguards) then looking at the picture above..

The lovely part about the motor, is that for a half-second after you stop cycling, it still motors you forward.. kinda like an "extra push" .. which is a really nice feature. :P
I rented a Stromer SP1 almost 2 years ago, and it was a true joy comparing the distance covered in a day on a pedelec vs a normal bike. :wtf:

I think I spent 30 mins going round in circles in the bike shop yard, it was such a joy. Then the handlebars were moved up and I rode with an upright position for the first time since the Sea Scouts Jamboree in Holland (1989?) and it was so sweet.

The big difference between Stromer and Kalkhoff is that the former is a drum on the rear hub (that equally recovers energy, recharging the battery - which only works on big crazy hills) vs the latter which has a mid-engined placement. In Ireland, we don't have the same crazy hills as Lanzarote.

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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Update: I spoke with one shop owner about the Kalkhoff and why they're not stocking them anymore, and I've changed my mind on the bike I'm going to get :shock:
The reason is that the motor on the Kalkhoff tends to strip the threads on the gear mechanism in the motor.. they seem to use plastic internals which is why this one shop spent most of last year replacing parts on the bike.. so that had me thinking that I'd be super-bummed if I couldn't commute on the bike because of the motor :(

So, here's the new bike; Gazelle Cityzen Speed with a Bosch engine :D

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