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Re: Eyes On The Skies

I saw it too last night, round about nine-thirty. And at eleven-thirty, when I took out the trash before hitting the sack, the moon was so bright (white) it outshone the porchlights. :wtf:
My mom told me about some silly nonsense with people thinking the world was ending (again). :lol: Seriously, you shake a blanket outside someone's window, or a cat poops loudly, and they think it's Armageddon.

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Re: Eyes On The Skies

Talvieno wrote:
Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:10 pm
Trump had one too, but he lost.
I loved that picture. Just typical Trump to me. "What the scientists say is just all nonsense. You don't need no special glasses for this!"
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And is it just me or does Melania always look like she has to force herself to smile?
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