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Re: Happy birthday DWMagus

Cornflakes_91 wrote:I'd make an old man joke, but then i'd have to make much more in victors direction :lol:

So i'll just say: happy birthday magus :wave: :squirrel:
Way ahead of you. :ghost:
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Re: Happy birthday DWMagus

Wow, this is a nice surprise to come back to after being offline for a couple of days.

First, thanks to all of you! You guys make this forum go round. :D

Next, being born on St. Patrick's day, I've never had to pay for a drink in my life. :mrgreen:

Third, it would've been a nice day had I not been basically forced to move out of my home of 8.5 years and into my inlaws in under 3 days due to some shit that went down less than a week ago (I'll post more when I have time). But this is definitely nice to come back to. A wonderful pick-me-up.

And last, I'll go ahead and rename this to the birthday thread. I'm not any more special than any of you guys. Feel free to re-use this thread for other forum members' birthdays. :)

You guys rock! :D :clap:
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