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Re: Happy birthday celebration thread

Detritus wrote:Happy birthday, plillevold! :mrgreen:
Victor Tombs wrote:A belated happy birthday to you Joker. :oops:

And many happy returns to you, plillevold. :) We don't always get the result we want from the kickstarters we support but I hope you get some gifts you want for your birthday...and, of course, a sizeable piece of cake. ;) :angel:
Thank you both, I almost forgot to check this thread for wellwishes :) my birthday week have been filled with good friends, great food and drink. But huh, actually no cake :think: perhaps I'll rectify that today :thumbup:
old-fashioned :ghost:

Re: Happy birthday celebration thread

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
BFett wrote:Happy birthday Josh! I hope you have a great day and come and visit your fan base for more birthday wishes.
Thats two days out.
its 22 not 20
Ba dum tssh Image
Please don't take my advice. You will wind up in jail if you do.
For some reason, I feel obliged to display how many people have talked in IRC over the past 2 hours: Image :problem:

Re: Happy birthday celebration thread

Y'know, I pointedly stay out of this thread so I can say that I acknowledge each birthday equally. But Josh is different. As Supreme Administrator and the reason these forums were created, he needs some more recognition. Plus, I suspect he needs some forum-sent happy to lurch him out of whatever rut he's found his way into.
Happy Birthdat, Josh!

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