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Re: Modding Without Using LTSL?

The canonical view in my region is actually to detest it in favour of the local variant Vegemite. My first experience with the 'mites was actually Marmite in my birthplace, and as a young child I very much didn't like it; it was only when I'd matured a little and discovered what it meant for a taste to be acquirable that I started grudgingly enjoying Vegemite; in this sense my dislike for Marmite is a default one rather than a considered one, and the tirade against Marmite that I was preparing myself for has fizzled out a little - so you see Victor, all it took was a bit of thought on my part to realize that I would not get started on Marmite, for the problem is my end rather than on the other.

One day - and it will be soon - I will push through the barrier of suspicion and scorn and buy a tub of Marmite and do a proper comparison with Vegemite. Perhaps there will be profound knowledge to be gained from the comparison - but, perhaps, not. I will see.

Re: Modding Without Using LTSL?

Victor Tombs wrote:I've never tried Vegemite but I'm sure I would enjoy it, Scytale. ;) I've loved the taste of Marmite since my early school days and it's a staple on my buttered toast every morning. :D
You all poor heathen.

The only real one is of course: cenovis

Because it is too tough for all you foreigners, the website is not in English. :mrgreen:

Re: Modding Without Using LTSL?

Scytale wrote:I would have thought as much, Victor. I am inspired by your comment though, I think I'll go out and buy some Marmite today!
Let me know your verdict on the taste, Scytale. It's usually love or hate, there seems to be very little middle ground. ;)

:lol: Of course this has very little to do with the thread topic. :oops:

:shifty: I seem to be a serial thread derailer. :(

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