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Re: Rocket Lunches

The rocket landed vertically and then continued with the normal post landing operations in horizontal mode. Venting the pressurized vessels for example.

The have towed it into port and got it on land again. There is even the possibility that it might be used on a "SpaceX internal" mission at some point again :D
Pictures of the recovery process. The damage to the interstage (black part at the top) is quite significant. Otherwise, it appears to be in good shape, considering the circumstances.

In other news, dragon is now connected to the space station for the second time :)

Re: Rocket Lunches

So XKCD has made a lovely outline of how a regular launch should go.
I'm very disappointed to see that SpaceX is still missing a step or two in it's launches
NASA tries to coordinate launch timing with the Care Bears' cloud castle, but unfortunately sometimes collisions with stray Care Bears are unavoidable, so they just try to make the fairings sturdy and hope for a glancing impact.

Re: Rocket Lunches

zircher wrote:
Sat Jun 29, 2019 1:45 pm
Returning boosters make space launches so much more of an event. This one even ends with a bang! :-) ... IhFAXGUfCs

Fixed to exclude timestamp :)

Also, Mr. Musk states that the center stage missed the drone ship due to re-entry forces causing an engine bay breach, which screwed up at least one engine.
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