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Re: Rocket Lunches

It's from a related stream mishap involving a very loud restaurant ad.
Elon confirmed the center core landing failed catastrophically due to a propellant deficit engine ignition failure on the landing burn. The droneship took some damage too (if I heard correctly, audio was bad for the initial statement).

edit #2:
Better audio quality quote than the initial statement re: the core's fate in response to a question from Bill Harwood from CBS (bless him):
We hit the water at about .. 300 mph .. roughly 500 km/h .. heheh, so that's hard.
Um, and.. about a hundred meters away from the ship.
Which was enough to take out two [of the ship's] thrusters and shower the deck with shrapnel ..heheheh.
"omg such tech many efficiency WOW" ~ Josh Parnell

Re: Rocket Lunches

The final rocket burn of the SpaceX craft carrying Elon Musk's personal Tesla Roadster into the cosmos pushed the billionaire's flash jalopy much further than anticipated. It's now heading out toward the Solar System's asteroid belt rather than swinging close by Mars.
Excellent! [twangin' guitars]
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