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Re: SpaceX Launch

Well, that seems a very successful launch.
If they now also manage to land the first stage back it will be absolutely awesome. :) ... 17856?s=09 ... 01760?s=09 ... 59040?s=09

Apparently they did manage to land on the ship, but the landing was too hard. Ah well, progress anyway!

Sorry for the triple post, but here's the launch on YouTube for those who missed it:
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Re: SpaceX Launch

Silverware wrote:That landing was actually farking good.
With just 5% more hydraulic fluid I think they could have pulled it off.
That's how bloody close it was.
It was a helluva lot closer than 5% off. More like 0.5%. But yes, that is INCREDIBLE. I can't wait for the next launch! :D
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