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Re: Post Your Favorite Sci-Fi Concept Art

I can't take credit, really. I spend a lot of time over at

The site is my go-to place to keep updated on sci-fi stuff*, and some of that happens to be concept art. Come to think of it, there might be some more posts relevant to this thread over there:

*Please note I am not affiliated with this website in any way shape or form other than reading their articles and occasionally commenting on them.
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Re: Post Your Favorite Sci-Fi Concept Art

I made a thread about ship designs where i showed a few examples of ships from other media, and got pointed towards here, really cool pictures in here! i decided i wanted to add to that by digging through some places (CG websites like cgsociety and deviantart, and also other games concepts)!

Lets grow this thread even further :twisted:

This turned quite big, i am sad that spoiler tags don't work. Also sad that the site can't resize images to fit inside the post. (I had to turn a lot of image tags into url tags)

Real Life Fighter Design (should be kept in mind) Image Not exactly concept, but yeah space is colorful as hell ain't it?

Not exactly concept either, but cruise ships... we need em, it could even be a profitable business too to allow people to explore space in the comfort of your cruise ship, which you're not even piloting yourself. (automated income)

X Universe Concept (X: Rebirth) Image X Rebirth Space Station (or complex) concept Image X Rebirth interesting ship (in screenshot section of their site but looks more like concept to me)

X Rebrith Solar Power Plant right next to a sun (hot!)

X Rebirth Dock Image
A very box-shaped ship design from Warframe that still manages to be cool Image An asteroid base from Warframe Image Firefly (all about the shape)

It's ugly, but dat shape!

Star Citizen Bridge Concept Image Star Citizen 300i Concept Image Star Citizen Cutlass Concept Image Star Citizen Scythe Concept (this one is quite cool and original) Image Star Citizen Freelancer Image Star Citizen Constellation-Fighter

Star Citizen (seems to be a worn out fleet or damaged space city) concept

Star Citizen (concept by same artist as above, really cool but weird too)

Dead Space concept of space station debris (i think) Image
A few wallpapers from Elite Dangerous ... ic16x9.jpg ... hot8x5.jpg ... er16x9.jpg ... ic16x9.jpg
Station with artificial gravity ... ach8x5.jpg
Imperial Shipyard ... pyard2.jpg
Pirate Asteroid Base from Elite ... ng16x9.jpg
Planet from Elite, really cool ... net8x5.jpg
Station Docking from Elite (really cool scale in this one)
A planet with a moon (we need that) ... on16x9.jpg
A fan's attempt at drawing a populated planet, (City of lights! woo!) Image Elite Dangerous Capital Ships Cinematic (screenshot) Image Giant robot (red hand it's called) capable of melting and consuming entire planets! Image Mech Dragon battle (those tentacle things r cool) Image Futuristic energy generator Image Yamato (This is the same as Space Battleship Yamato ;) ) Image A base in construction Image City Chase Image Glacier Base -- It is possible for ice to float around in space right? this should be able to happen in space, ice encased asteroids and such. That'd be cool, water could also be a valuable resource! Image Space View from a planet's surface Image Space Liner (successor of Airliner) Image Space One (planet in this one is really well done!) Image Anarchist's Space Station (2nd view) Image Orbital Fortress Image Star Conflict Concept art for a frigate Image Well i could go on probably for hours picking up spaceships off of deviantart, but this shall do, in this post pictures were taken as concept arts from certain games, wallbase, cgsociety and deviantart. Cgsociety is like deviantart's older brother i would say.

I have contributed! hope you enjoyed these as much as i did, and dont forget to check out the pictures that are URL'd, these are really cool :lol:
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