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Re: Music!

Detritus wrote:Pan Flute Fantasy - by Ptitkiwizz.
Hmm...I kinda enjoyed this one.

Mistycica wrote:I'm on a bit of a Scandroid kick right now. It sounds like pink neons and scanlines :3
Then you gotta listen to this one too. Kinda different, but got this neon and scanlines feel too.
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Re: Music!

To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra (cover) ..more of Holly. ;)

Heh, can't seem to shut up about this Minnesota girl these days. :P

Holly Henry - Grow - this track is (optionally) free on bandcamp, and undeniably beautiful. A good sample of her original music sound (simple, vocal focused, with thoughtful, honest & vulnerable lyrics). - this one tends to make me think of Josh, and cuts personal too. Tough to keep eyes dry. :ghost:
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