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Re: The Elite Archives Book : A 30 Year History of Elite

Philip Coutts wrote:Around 24 hours to go for this one. Victor desperately needs those postcards from the first stretch goal so dig deep! :lol:

Seriously though they have added in some very smart pull out collectibles and this is an absolute must for all fans of Elite, Frontier or Final Encounters.

:o What do you mean, Philip, I REALLY NEED those postcards. *chuckle*

The reason I added to my pledge was to help the total towards that stretch goal and in the process get the three missing hardbacks for my collection (including signed postcards, posters etc.) It's a real pity that T James didn't join the other non-Gollancz authors in getting his book published in hardback by Fantastic Books.

I hope our much appreciated Commander Anthony and Commander Dan decide to continue with the funding beyond the KS completion date. I also NEED those extra pages in the main book. :thumbup: :angel:

Re: The Elite Archives Book : A 30 Year History of Elite

Second stretch goal beaten into submission. :D That's good but not good enough. I NEED those extra printed pages in the physical book. :angel:

The total stands at just under $35000 AUD and we need $37000 AUD. Thanks to a great mention in the ED Newsletter I'm hoping for a few more ED backers to hop on board. It would be neat if the KS part of the funding could smash that third stretch goal before it ends. :)

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