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Re: Random Rage Thread

Silverware wrote:
Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:52 pm
Dinosawer wrote:
Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:45 pm
-4/49) or -4/49] is not the same thing, so in this case you're to blame, not matlab :P
Coming from a programming background, their answer is incorrect. (no closing Paren, no opening SqBracket)
Is this the case? Since you have the math background.
No, their answer is correct, these aren't functions. They're number ranges.
X) means up to, but not including X. X] means up to and including X. (Sometimes also written as X[ and X])
For example - y = x^2 has a range of [0,inf) because it can have any positive value, including zero.
On the other hand, y = 1/x has a range of (-inf, 0)U(0, inf) because it can have any value, except zero. (Which it gets asymptotically near to, but never reaches)

(And infinity is never included in the range because it's not an actual number)

In Duke's case, -4/49] was correct because the function does get that value, at t = 0.
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Re: Random Rage Thread

For two weeks now, in the middle of the Texas summer, my in-room AC system (a "ductless minisplit" for the curious) has been off because the outside compressor is broken.

It's a third-story room in a tower. All the heat in the house rises into it like a chimney; it's basically 100 degrees in there even though I have a fan blowing cool air from a lower room upwards.

To get my office cool again, I either have to pay $1700 for a new compressor, or buy a more modern minisplit system (at some comparable cost), or run a duct through the castle walls, avoiding studs and headers, to a new outlet at the floor of my office that might pump enough cool air (without overly stressing the main unit) to make my room cool enough for me... and I'm in the "I need my room cold enough to store meat in" category.

BUT! Mrs. Flatfingers is extremely picky about what we do to the castle walls [no, seriously, you really have no idea], especially since the ducting has to go up through her second-floor office... and she's in New York for the next few days. And then I have to find a day when she'll be here for the A/C guys to come talk with her to agree on a plan. And THEN they have to bring guys out to actually do the work.

I have no idea when that will happen. So tonight I gave up and spent three miserable sweat-drenched hours moving all my computing stuff from my office down to the air-conditioned second floor room: the 80-pound PC, the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, the Ethernet hub, the giant 5.1 speaker system and all its twisty little wires, all the finicky little bits of cabling, and my nice comfy chair. And I'll have to scooch this stuff out of the way when they finally get around to adding a new duct. And then, once my office is again fit to be lived in, I will have to haul all of this stuff back UP the stairs again (bite me, Mr. Gravity!), and reconnect everything in even less space.

I mean, OK, yeah, first world problems. I just really, really hate sweating. I did enough of that crap in my youth, from humping 50 pounds of survey gear through pizzle-high swampwater full of water moccasins (when you drive on Interstate 49 in Louisiana, thank me) to summers cleaning up after stoned LSU students (the ground beneath their dorm room window sills grew the strangest little five-leaved plants) -- well, now I'm old and moderately well-to-do and I don't want to collapse due to sweating my ass off, thank you, and why in the world can't crap like this get fixed in less than a week?!

...yeah, I think it's adult beverage time.

Re: Random Rage Thread

My chemistry teacher on first day of lab: "Don't buy the lab manuals yet. I'm trying to see if I can get the school to buy them and hand them out to you."
My chemistry teacher on second day of lab (yesterday): "WHY DOES NOBODY HAVE BOOKS? NEXT LAB IF YOU DON'T HAVE LAB MANUALS, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE CLASSROOM." (word for word what she said, grammar hers.)
Price of lab manual when I first asked: $20
Price of manual now: $90+ because I have to pay extra to get it shipped here in time
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