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Re: Movies!

Talvieno wrote:I've heard of Hitman: Agent 47 before, actually. Somebody accused me of sounding like the hitman. :lol: I should maybe watch that movie at some point.
NO! This is an abomination of a movie.
Play Hitman: Blood Money instead. (It should run on your system)

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Re: Movies!

Just finished watching Her (2013), which was recently added to Canadian Netflix.

That was a rollercoaster, ranging from extreme discomfort to fully immersed delight. :crazy:

I'll tentatively say that I like it.

The premise is, to my mind, exceedingly interesting and explored from a sufficiently original perspective.
Scar-Jo's voice (a last minute re-cast, btw) is a valuable asset to the film --though my own AI (platonic)-companion-of-choice would without a doubt have to wield a Northern Ireland accent. :squirrel:
"omg such tech many efficiency WOW" ~ Josh Parnell

Re: Movies!

After purchasing the pilot film of PROBE starring Hugh O'Brian I decided to invest in the WB Archive version of the TV series which is called SEARCH. It arrived today. So many happy memories and quite prophetic in its content. :D

It can keep "Harry O" company on the same shelf. :angel:

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