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Re: Hardware

Question for you people,
I'm seriously starting to consider upgrading my graphics card, cause, lets face it, a 460 GTX is starting to lag a bit :lol:
Now I have done a bit of research in the sense of looking on local online stores at the cards available and at what prices and comparing everything on this site

Now after looking at things like this I seems my best bet will be to commit treason and switch to AMD :D Specifically, the R9 380 seems to be the best I can afford at this time.

What is bothering me though is the amount of different makes of this thing out there.
Reading up, the Sapphire brand seems to be the most recommended. But even there, there is different versions :think:

So after looking around a bit more, this seems to be the one I should get Sapphire TRi-X R9-380 Nitro Edition 4Gb DDR5 256bit 4 channel

Now the big question is, will this card be able to keep up with the new releases for a year or two?
Or should I wait a bit till I can get something better?

Tech Help Thread

Dunno if a thread like this exists and it told me my searches were to broad so merge this if needed. I created this thread mostly to ask the community for help on a particular issue, but if anyone has any sort of tech questions they think the community can answer, feel free to post.

So recently I just upgraded from a GTX 760 4gb to a GTX 1070. Its a pretty major leap, and I know I have more than enough power to supply it (1000 watts) and all the driver updates, and it was working great for both Overwatch and Fallout 4 for a few hours of play. Then I tried Total War: Warhammer (which I had 80 hours on with the old card) just to see how a better GPU would affect a primarily CPU oriented game. It started fine, not much of an FPS gain but it was noticeable, but then BAM my entire computer just went dark and then restarted itself. No "Windows is restarting/shutting down" no BSOD or anything, just black then a restart, which makes me think its the new GPU acting up.

Like I said, I used it for a couple hours in the other games and it was fine, and the heat levels were relatively low, nothing out of the ordinary. I will keep testing but anybody here have any idea what could have happened?

Re: Tech Help Thread

Well I did go to Newegg before you two posted (Ty) and they told me to use a program to uninstall all graphics drivers and go to the Nvidia site and download the newest and and install it manually, so I did that. And it still happened. I just posted in the official total war forums about it since it seems to be the only one having the issue (and I hope it is). Figures it was right before the new DLC for it tomorrow too :cry:

Re: Tech Help Thread

I don't keep up with gfx stuff these days (I'm running a GTX 770), so this may be a daft question: you have enough power (1000W) for the new card, but do you have the right amperage?
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Re: Tech Help Thread

Well disregard what I just said. After switching from Fallout 4 to Overwatch, during the pre-battle phase, it did just like it does to Warhammer. I went to the event viewer and it says:

A fatal hardware error has occurred.

Reported by component: Processor Core
Error Source: Machine Check Exception
Error Type: Cache Heirarchy Error
Processor APIC ID: 0

I swear I have had this problem before a few years or so ago, and I think Re-seating the RAM solved the problem, its just strange why it keeps coming up though. Plus every time I re-seat them they never feel loose. Guess I will try that next.

Re: Tech Help Thread

Well I re-seated the RAM and GPU and the problem seems to have gone away, but now one of my fans (Not sure which) started going crazy when the battle in Warhammer started, even though my temps on both CPU and GPU are normal, and is not going back down, and the SpeedFan program doesn't seem to help. Hope it goes away and stays away when I restart my PC

Re: Tech Help Thread

Well upon further testing, I think I figured out it was actually the GPU fans, as when I put back in my old GPU there were no problems whatsoever, but every time I tested a game with the 1070 the fan would always get stupidly loud. So I talked to Newegg and after I send in mine, they are going to send me a new one free of charge and shipping. Hopefully there won't be any problems with the new one.

Will update with results but it may be a while. I hope others use this thread, I kind of feel bad for making a tech support thread on a video game forum :oops:

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