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Re: Official "Hi, I'm New" thread

Hellooooooo there, bkdevil! :wave:

We appreciate your contribution to the numbered list. You have furthered Science. :ghost:

Also, your sweaty palms need a towel. *hands you towel* :D
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Re: Official "Hi, I'm New" thread

Hello everyone. Nerd obsessed with worldbuilding and games/programs with procedural content in them, drummer, artist and nonstop music listener here. You don't have to call me all that too, just shorten it to Alek and everything's good :D

A month or so ago I found out about Limit Theory, and when I watched a couple of the dev videos Josh did way back when I practically died of excitement, needless to say I was sad when I saw that that stuff mostly was in 2014 and I missed the Kickstarter by about a century, and ever since I've lurked here a bit, and so today I decided to join and actually become a part of the community, as it seems to be a friendly enough one :)

Re: Official "Hi, I'm New" thread

BFett wrote:
SpacePioneer wrote:Okay :-)

Its actually my username in a lot of places but eh, I figured I'd use it here too
Hey it's just like me. If you see a BFett there's a fair chance it is me. Though there appears to be one other person somewhere in Europe that has the same nick as well.
Yeah except mine is a lot more generic lol...It's actually not taken in a lot of places including space or space game forums which always seems to surprise me.

Re: Official "Hi, I'm New" thread

Uhm...well...thought I already did this, but appears I did not...sooo...yeah...just read below, okay?


My name is Jan (*chorus* "Hi Jan"), I'm an automation engineer, gamer, and was and will again serve in the military.

I'm interested in programming, music (don't make my own though), books and of course: games.

Oh, and I have a broad general knowledge. You can basically talk with me about nearly anything.

Oh, and did I mention, that English isn't my first language?

So, yeah. That's all. Hope to have a great time with you guys.

Does someone actually read these?

PS. I always have periods of high activity and then again low activity, so prepare for sometimes long response times.

Re: Official "Hi, I'm New" thread

Yes we do read these. Hi, Jan! :lol: You sound like a highly interesting person. I'm particularly interested in that "automation engineer" bit. What does that mean, exactly? Is it robots? I like robots. :squirrel:

Welcome to the forums! :wave: Hope you enjoy your stay here - although it looks like you've been here a while, actually... So, perhaps I should say instead: Welcome to posting! :)
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Re: Official "Hi, I'm New" thread

Talvieno wrote:I'm particularly interested in that "automation engineer" bit. What does that mean, exactly? Is it robots? I like robots. :squirrel:
Silverware wrote: Hardware or software?
I do a bit of software automation myself, lets me sleep during my job. :V
Robots (Ouuuh, scaaary robots!) is part of it, yeah. I did program a very basic robot before (two (and a half) axis (that could be the title of a tv show...wait a second...), use two motors to move an equipment head to a defined position in a x/y coordinate field and lower it (hence the "half" axis)). But I would have to go to a technical school to study robotics to be an expert in that topic. But to explain it: an automation engineer does everything that has to do with machine automation (or even basic automation, like sliding doors for buildings that only detect you when you are within a 0.5cm2 big area that is like 2 meters to the left of the door or rotating doors that stop when you look angry at them or detect when you are most in hurry and slow down to calm you down a little).

You all know these huge automated production lines manufactures have?
Spoiler:      SHOW
Yeah, I build and program the controls for these. Either by wiring and relay logic (the old way) or with the use of PLCs (programmable logic controller, the new way). Or with a mixture of both (the new-ish way).

And when I'm bored I do stuff like this:

See the imgur album for the explanation on what's going on and how it works.
(further information: the used programming languages, data types, variable types, configuration types and POU types (the "function" and "function block" thingy mentioned in the imgur album) are defined by the international standard "IEC 61131-3", see here (Wikipedia article)
Basically, IEC-61131 defines everything I use and can use (on the software side and partly on the hardware side) when working with PLCs.

This is a real big topic, that I can't really explain in one single post. This is basically a small overview over what I do. If you want to know more, just ask. Maybe In a separate topic?

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