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Hi, I'm insolent! Thought I'd start up this thread so we can all get to know each other. I spend most of my time hitting the law books, but I'd rather be in space. I've loved space sims ever since I played the original X-Wing from DOS, and really got hooked on the open world space sim genre by playing Freelancer to death. Any game that can give me that sense of freedom and scope has my money, and Limit Theory looks like it will do that and more. :)

Nice to meet you all.

Re: Introduce Yourself

Pretty similar.

If it came out recently and involves space strategy or space sims - I can most likely be found there. 8-)

The space sim category especially could do with some fresh entries, so I am looking forward to what LT can do to the genre. (Which is dominated by the X series of Egosoft - if we don't count a certain MMO as 'really' being part of the genre.)

Re: Introduce Yourself

HowSerendipitous here. Let's ssseee... Biology graduate who spends way too much time wowing people with Excel spreadsheets.

For me, Wing Commander was a gateway drug, leading me to Frontier: Elite II and bad case of not playing any other game for months. And I still only made it to Dangerous! I've also played various other space sims, such as TIE Fighter, Freespace I and II, Freelancer... I'm sure I missed some.

Oh, and I didn't like that 'certain MMO'. The UI sent me crosseyed.

Re: Introduce Yourself

Hi everyone I`m Da-1

Location: Durban, South Africa

I love any any games that have space in them, I love it when games allow a player to go anywhere and do just about anything you want, to me games like Limit theory, FreeLancer,Kerbal space program, Star Citizen,Infinity and opensim are amazing I could go on and on with a few more lol :lol: but I wont bore you guys, I started playing games on friends atari boxes, then on I think it was a 486, my parents then bought me a cartridge consol with the oldies on them you know the 1 with mario brothers and others :roll: :lol: I then started working and got a ps1, and loved it but the novelty wore off fast, I then got a ps2 a few years later and that also landed up sitting, so I got rid of them, a few years past and I decided to swop a m8 a phone for 2x p3 boxes I know not much but hey I played the heck out of it, I then started fixing friends and family pc`s and the a shop where I was buying parts from offered me a job, 3 years after that I opened my own IT support company and then really got in to gaming that was in 2006, in 08 I had a motorcycle accident a drunk driver cut me off while I was coming home from work, things have been tough after that, with going in and out of surgery for the last 3 years and not working is the hardest I can tell you that, I was on gov grant but thats finished so I have tried to start working again as of feb this year but is has been slow :? lucky 4 me I have a cool m8 nextdoor who lets me use his net shot acks :D , lol by now you guys must be falling asleep :lol: and I am going way off track :mrgreen: , let rap this up, I have 1 daughter and separated but married still, I will try buy the game ASAP as I wish to support you with this big project you have taken upon yourself JoshParnell, I wish you all the best again and really can`t wait to see your hard work in action on my pc, thanks for reading.

Regards, Da-1

Re: Introduce Yourself

I have been undertaking artistic endeavors for as long as I can remember in tradition methods such as oils and also with computer graphics. Languages I know are C#, Java, PHP, javascript, COBOL(iseries), RPG(iseries), VB and Python.

Next thing to learn: Objective-C
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Mmhh... Translator and long time programmer. I have a prototype of a game outstandingly similar to this one, although it has ASCII graphics (heh). I'm 26 and I've been a long time space sim fan, anything from the likes of Orbiter, Kerbal Space Program, Freelancer or Freespace will get me all giggly. It's really exciting to see the genre is coming back to life, specially from the hands of young and/or honest indies and not big corporations trying to make a buck with shitty code.

Re: Introduce Yourself

Well, here I am, hey guys...

I'm am a big fan of games that allow you to make your own choices and furthermore give you freedom to play "yourself" as a character, i mean you are not forced to play who the game wants you to... kinda. ;)
Also games with a lot of content float my boat, and I dislike games in which you reach a certain level, and then the game has ended, and there is nothing that is left to do. Sure you can roam around the world and have fun, but that gets boring in the end. Kind of like Just Cause 2, don,t get me wrong, the game is fantastic, its just that in the end, you've completed all the missions and all that you can do is roam around in the massive world, but it gets boring in the end...
I guess, in real life, the story doesn't stop until you die, new interesting things are happening everywhere. My general goal in programming is to represent that in games, except with more. :)

Finally, I do a ton of digital art, and continue to refine and improve my skills, I know moderate C++ with SDL and I am trying to learn OpenGL. I enjoy life, friends and the great outdoors. I'm always open to a chat, and I hope to get to know some of you.

Thanks for hearing me out guys, :D

Re: Introduce Yourself

Hello everyone! Zenton Karvash checking in

I'm a long time fan of space sims/strategy and just Sci-Fi in general. Just seen the project on kick start and it immediately caught my eye. Love seeing all the new space sims starting to crop up.

Heres hoping this project really takes off and turns into something amazing, I'm happy to be here at the beginning of this with you all.

Re: Introduce Yourself

Senior software engineer by day. Daddy daycare by night.
Was stung at an early age by wonderful little game called elite on the c64, got totally engrossed by it's open-ness, and freedom of movement, was very excited by the possibilties. Was never really freed from it's grip tbh. Stockholm syndrome perhaps?

Re: Introduce Yourself

hey guys and gals, im probably the youngest here, greetings from Australia, i saw joshes kick starter and was like :O!!! :D.

i love all things spacey weather its the universe or its the nuclei of an atom its just awesome! my first encounter with space game was X2 the threat and i totally sucked at it considering the amount of know how it needed to be able to play and enjoy, then when i found freeespace 2 and freelancer...... i just fell in love with space Sims.

im a nerd and a fan of sci-fi however all my mates are complete call of duty and FPS maniacs so it sucks SO bad that i can never share my thoughts and enjoyment with my mates, but hey what can you do ever person has a different taste, i cant wait for the second decade of the 21st century to unfold because of all the reincarnations of the classics, i guess that means i can laugh at my mates while i play star citizen with 200 other dudes in my massive armada!!

Good luck josh your game is just awsome and i hope you get 200000 dollars, why? coz i know for sure that you'll get passed 50k in a breeze and i will definately pledge your project in the coming days! you are a genius.

PS. congrats on Chris Roberts himself backing your game!!

Re: Introduce Yourself

Okee there. I can't be the first poster (in quantity of posts) and one of the few who haven't said hello...

I'm 26, French and a woman. I like to think of myself as a computer scientist, but all I can say objectively is that I have a Master of Engineering in Computer Science and that I am currently a PhD student (in you guess what).

Game designer has been my dream job ever since I first heard of Roberta Williams when I was 11. I was a huge fan of Sierra at the time and to learn that the person behind it was a woman was quite an eye-opening shock.

Contrary to most people here, I'm neither a space-sim fanatic nor a CPG addict. I love both, but if someone asks me what my favorite genre is, it will undoubtedly be RPG, no matter when and where.

Though I enjoy gameplay as much as the next gamer (with the very notable exception of competitive multiplayer, which I loathe), I am especially fascinated by storytelling. I believe that even though video games will never reach the level of freedom of tabletop RPGs, there are huge improvements to be made still in terms of non-linear storytelling. I would like nothing more than to work full-time on building truly non-linear story-driven games.

I say "truly" because most (not all, but most) story-based games that claim to be non-linear are one of the following:
  • completely linear story-wise (all choices pertain to gameplay)
  • mostly linear with alternative endings or dialogs
  • mostly linear with a morality system (god I can't stand Manichaeism)
  • multi-linear (i.e. there are a very limited number of linear stories to be experienced)
There, I have to go back to work now or there'll be dragons. Thanks for reading! :oops:

Re: Introduce Yourself

Greetings, my name is Tom. Yes, actually, it really is. As I try not to define myself by what I do for a living I won't bore you with such details. In truth, I am not a devoted fan of any specific gaming genre. Like Atarun I am most drawn to RPGs with a focus on compelling narratives and character interaction. But I have taken great pleasure from any number of games from early to mid Total War titles - the first iteration of Shogun has led me to extensive research on the Sengoku period in Japanese history - to Planescape: Torment, to Sid Meier's Pirates! to Civilization II and IV.

In a sense, Limit Theory, is not the type of game that has a significant 'pull' on me. Admittedly, I am less than deft when it comes to game controllers or a high degree of hand eye coordination. However, the title seemed interesting enough to take a peek and I found Josh's presentation nothing short of compelling. He exhibited talent, desire, and ideas in abundance. Enough so that I supported the project even without a great deal of information in the aspect of gameplay that probably interests me the most: NPC interaction.

I look forward to following this fundraiser to its conclusion. So, far I have been quite impressed by almost ever aspect of the project, including the majority of forum posts and cotributors.

Cheers, all.
I know not what life is, nor death.
Year in year out-all but a dream.
Both Heaven and Hell are left behind;
I stand in the moonlit dawn,
Free from clouds of attachment.

Re: Introduce Yourself

Hey everyone, greenie214 here.
I am currently studying mechanical engineering at university
I would play games for a living if I could, some of which include the elder scrolls 3-5, demon/dark souls, fable 3, borderlands 2 and various others including a range of indie games.
I really enjoy playing unheard of or unconventional games a I love to find how each developer wants a game to be experienced.
Unfortunately I haven't a clue how to program at all so I am lost on that front, but I have always had a keen interest in the mechanics behind a game.

I am truly drawn into Limit Theory's idea of an unlimited universe and choice of how a player wants to do with it.
Looking forward to playing the beta and seeing the rest of you in the forums.


Re: Introduce Yourself


I'm a system developer, doing a lot of database and web development. When I'm not working I can usually be found watching some film or playing a good video game. I've always been a fan of gaming - it started with my dad once bringing home an ancient Pong machine that we could hook up to the television and play some 'tennis' or 'soccer'. But it really took off when I got my hands on an Atari 2600 and later, a Commodore 64. Obviously I purchased Elite and since then I've kind of gotten addicted to space games.

Josh presented something that really caught my attention: an immersive dynamically generated space sim game. Having backed Elite: Dangerous as well, the decision to also pledge for Limit Theory was quickly made. When the game is released, I hope to be able to have an explorer/trader kind of experience, with not *too* much emphasis on combat encounters. I noticed in the Kickstarter video that a 'difficulty setting' is already in place, so hopefully that will work for me, to keep the most aggressive space scum away. :)

I am looking forward to follow the game's development, being on this forum, and playing the game when it is released!


Re: Introduce Yourself

Hello Everyone!

My name is Don, I don't think of myself as a gamer, but do enjoy some of the popular titles like HALO, Mass Effect, and Battlefield 3. I loved Portal since it was "Narbacular Drop".

By far, one of my favorites was EVE Online, except it seemed to favor hard-core players (see my posts here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=31 )

I am a professional automotive engineer, an artist, and a freelance developer/programmer, (in particular 3D graphics).

I am drawn to this project because the limitless universe sounds very much like EVE Online except for the MMO aspect, and hopefully it will be suitable for casual gamers like myself

If there is room for involvement, I would love to help in any way I can.

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