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Re: Wing Commander Music Orchestral Recording Project

Nice one HowSerendipitous. :thumbup:

George comes across as a genuinely appreciative composer unlike a certain Jeremy at the moment.

After much thought I finally decided to move to the CD reward level. The added music which the stretch goals are unlocking make it worthwhile. :D

HaHa! It seems others are thinking in the same manner and upping their pledge. The project is fast approaching $41,000 now. Another unlock looks likely. :D

And just as I finished writing it the project hit the magic numbers. :lol:


pledged of $35,000 goal

with 46 minute to go.

Re: Wing Commander Music Orchestral Recording Project

This, from George Oldziey himself:

"I was thinking about all of your incredible support, and made me realize that there are times in one's life when you don't realize what an impact you are having. I'm starting to think that the work I was blessed to do for Wing Commander may indeed turn out to be my most significant artistic achievement, especially in terms of reaching people. Your enthusiasm is, and I've used this term before, humbling! I will not let you down when I say I'll deliver the most amazing sounding product you can imagine!"

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