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Endless Word Ladders: A Game.

For this we shall begin with a five letter word.


Each player on their turn (i.e.: whenever they post) may change the word by moving one letter to any other place in the word AND/OR changing one letter to a different letter.

Hence for my turn, we'll be going "black" -> "block." (This only uses the letter change.)

Words cannot be repeated over the course of one game, but may be used again in subsequent games. Whoever makes a word that stumps everyone else wins and may choose a new word.

Next player, your word is "block."
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Re: Endless Word Ladders: A Game.

Katorone wrote:
Behemoth wrote:^ Hah, repeated it!

Black to Click, means you changed 2 letters to something else...
I think he is ignoring the fact that 'Black' was used because it was a repeated word. So he went based upon the post(Clack) before it.
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