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Re: All things Star Wars.

At the rate of one film per year that's 13 movies. Hopefully they will be able to maintain the quality seen in Rogue One.

What kind of stories would you like to see Disney cover in their movies? More side stories such as Rogue One, character background stories such as the Solo film that's coming out in a few years, or more current timeline films with episode VIII and IX?

Re: All things Star Wars.

There will be a Boba Fett (starting where the Clone Wars animated series left him all the way until Ep 5) and an Obi-Wan (Tatooine times before meeting Luke in Ep 4) standalone movies. That's almost sure. Telling a background story for Darth Maul wouldn't be bad. That's for antologies. Then they could make some tie ins between Eps 6 and 7. Without the main characters, that is. This should give us some background info for this relatively big time period. Then they will follow the paths of the new characters.
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