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Re: LT update anticipation thread

Cornflakes_91 wrote:Considering that he is working instead of keeping us updated i reckon the road doesnt have any holes at all.

It just doesnt have any signs of "next exit in x km"

Yes, he is working and that is good. :)

I was merely indicating how it felt for me at the current moment; things can change... the "bumps" in the road symbolically mean Josh once again has written words that do not match his actions. Thus, the "bumps". He will deliver in his own time. :!:

Re: LT update anticipation thread

I dreamed about a train last night. I will go ahead and suppose this is relevant to the thread. Maybe I dreamed about it because I saw trains here ? In which case, yes, totally relevant because inspired from your posts :

I am riding a tiny train like those that are used as an attraction in parks, for kids. It's a touristic place, there are tourists along with me on the train. The railway follows the edge of a cliff and there's the mediterranean sea a few meters beneath us. We're headed to a particular destination, I suppose someplace with even more tourists.

The train is automated but at some point I sit in the conductor's seat and start fiddling with the commands. Said commands are just a lever, you push it to accelerate and press an interruptor on it to brake. After a short while I start getting the hang of it, simply always accelerate, and brake before turns. You know how dreams are fake but the feelings they give you can be genuine and intense ? Well, it felt amazing to drive that train, even if it was a small one, and even if I was only controlling the acceleration and brake (duh!).

Suddenly we have to stop the train because the railway is unusable ahead of us. The... "planks", I will say "planks" because I lack the actual term (sorry, english isn't my first language) have been removed from under the rails.

Tourists start complaining that we're not gonna reach our destination anytime soon and it will take hours, maybe even days before maintenance comes and fixes the railway. So I step off the rain and start picking the planks myself and putting them in place. The tourists immediately start helping me putting the parts back in place too and after a few minutes, the faulty portion of the railway is fixed.

I look at the whole scene : the passengers of the train, the ridiculous length or railway that was unusable, the ridiculously short distance that separates us from our destination, the tiny size of the train, and I tell the other people that we could simply have carried the train ourselves.

Okay, here's a train anyway.

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   _||__|  |  ______   ______   ______ 
  (        | |      | |      | |      |
  /-()---() ~ ()--() ~ ()--() ~ ()--()
ascii train by Jacob Seligmann

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