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Re: The September 2014 Devlog Discussion

N810 wrote: by N810 » Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:36 pm

it's 16:36 Josh time... :geek:
(I'm in the same time zone)

.. so 4 hours time difference between JST (Josh Standard Time) and me.. has East Coast America already moved their hour forward to be 4 hours behind me (20:36 vs 16:36).

how long does it take to upload to youtube?
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Re: The September 2014 Devlog Discussion

DWMagus wrote:I'm actually a little glad it's not out. Trying to handle the forums on monthly update day is a pain in the ass when I have to work too. :D
Make more people mods? :roll:
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Re: The September 2014 Devlog Discussion

JoshParnell wrote:PS ~ Yes, in the future I should clearly start preparing the update a week before. I blame it on the wedding!!
You say you should have prepared a week before. I believe I already said this on the 10th last month.
AbhChallenger wrote:I think a new rule is needed for the videos. Only features that are 90 percent finished may be worked on in anticipation of the video a week prior to it. No more mad scrambling to finish things before the videos.
You can't blame a wedding for this. Tho I am sure quite a few here enjoy the return of August Josh (Will graphics Josh return soon as well?) So this could be a good thing or bad thing depending on who you ask.

Re: The September 2014 Devlog Discussion

Alphastorm wrote:It's almost 9:00pm here on the east coast, which means it's 6:00pm on the west coast. Josh did mention an evening release, so maybe the devlog will be released soon-ish :?:
Not a chance.

Despite my opposition to the video at all. I do note that he said that this video will have "chapters" worth of content. Also note he said he has been artificially keeping himself awake with Red Bull. He needs a significant amount of sleep.

Also the recording will take some time.

Re: The September 2014 Devlog Discussion

Cut the guy some more slack, for goodness sake. He is under no requirement to do all these devlogs for us. The longer it takes, the more awesome it will be.

Yes the wait can be a bit tiresome, but there's no need to have such a negative attitude about it.
Woah sheesh chill out. I'm not being needy, I'm not demanding the release of the devlog, nor am I in any way acting like I'm entitled to having it released right now. I'm just being hopeful and optimistic that the devlog will be released sooner rather than later. Don't call me negative when in reality my attitude is exactly the opposite.

Seriously when I say
Josh did mention an evening release, so maybe the devlog will be released soon-ish :)
I'm saying so with an attitude of sincere optimism, not negativity.

Re: The September 2014 Devlog Discussion

Optimism is great. But you ought to go back one month to understand how it can get out of hand really quick.

Edit: What I mean is that in my opinion the community thinking (including me) that the august video was going to be just as cool as the ones before that started the process that led to it's downfall. Duke Nukem Forever style. It was hyped up. More effort was made to make it worth the hype resulting in delay resulting in more hype etc..

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