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So this is going to seem really random, but I feel really bad about this.

So in my backyard we have this big tree that is actually 2 tree's that grew up right beside each other, and the way they grew formed a sort of hole down the middle of the trunk. There's this squirrel that's lived in the tree for a couple years now, we'll typically throw it something to eat every so often and watch it rummage around for nuts and stuff... But today, something terrible happened.

My dog... Killed the Squirrel

I was sitting inside on the computer and my dog was outside, I heard this loud squeaking noise so I got up and ran outside to see the squirrel in his mouth squeaking like mad, accompanied by the sound of repeatedly crunching bones. In the time it took for me to get from our back deck to my dog in the middle of the yard, the squirrel was dead, not that it would of survived anyways... It sounded like it had about every bone in it's body broken. :cry:

Poor little guy, I scolded my dog for it and he lowered his head and walked away. I've thrown the squirrels body into a bag and into the freezer for now, will give him a proper burial as soon as I can.

~ Little Squirrel friend, although I never truly knew you, you were always out there living your little squirrel life in our tree. I hope you lived a long life, although I'll never really know for sure. Rest in Peace ~

Re: Squirrel

Victor Tombs wrote:I'm doing my best to try and feel sorry for the squirrel.

Unfortunately, I keep wanting to make a fuss of your dog.
Honestly I'm actually not surprised my dog got him, previous to this incident he'd been trying to catch the squirrel for like a year but never could get close enough. This time what I think happened is the squirrel seen my dog, went to turn around and run, and my dad's dog was behind him... That's probably the only scenario where the squirrel doesn't win.

Re: Squirrel

Reminds me of something similar that happened at my parent's place.

We had a dead tree in our backyard that a squirrel was teasing my dog in. My mom decided to shake the tree. Surprisingly, the squirrel lost it's balance and my dog caught it in her mouth. Apparently my dog was just as surprised because the squirrel was able to escape without harm from my dog just standing there like "What happnened?"

Too bad for the friendly squirrel though. :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel:
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Re: Squirrel

My dog once collapsed our tent while camping trying to get a ? which had gotten underneath. she chases squirrels all day, luckily most squirrels only have to deal with the dumbest of dogs eh :lol:
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Re: Squirrel

Here we have squirrels with suicidal tendencies, I swear. One day, waiting for my early bus to go to work, I could behold (almost in super slow motion camera :shock: ) how two of them went down their tree at some pretty fast speed to cross the street. A car hit them both with the front wheels (a wheel for each one, more precisely). I believe that picture will remain on my mind for a long time... poor squirrels... :cry:
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Re: Squirrel

CoriW wrote:This time what I think happened is the squirrel seen my dog, went to turn around and run, and my dad's dog was behind him... That's probably the only scenario where the squirrel doesn't win.
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Now yungun, they say a dog can outrun a squirrel, and I've seen many a dog outpace a critter. But I ain't never seen a dog out-think a squirrel.

You bring a lone dog to a hunt a squirrel, you betta hope that dog got a lot of gumption. I've watched squirrel against dog more than twen'y times in my life an' I seen that squirrel win at connect 4, scrabble, and battleship. A dog got no game like a squirrel.

Now, you bring two dogs, the story changes. You got a chance. But only a chance. I seen a fully grown man have his house renovated by a squirrel before he even had the chance to charge his weapon.

If the dogs have a basic understanding of the pre-Raphaelites you gotta chance to distract it. One chance. And may god have mercy on your bones if you fail.
[end frontiersman]

Re: Squirrel

My old dog I had a few years back (rest her soul) used to bolt out the back door to the backyard like a racing dog every time she went outside. Most of the time there were one or more squirrels that were there that immediately ran up a tree near the fence at the side of the yard. one time the squirrel got cocky and when it got away it sat on a branch over the dogs head making a chattering noise like it was teasing her. At that moment the branch broke and they both made a mad dash for the other end of the yard. She never caught it, but it was just funny, you could almost see the HO SH!T on the squirrels face :lol:

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