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Re: Set Chopin Free & Jeremy Soule's The Northerner

Lum wrote:Some news in this front. Nice to hear!
Yes, I did get the update, Lum, but I didn't post anything here because it didn't seem it would be of interest to anyone but a select few of us who still care enough to visit the KS site for sparse information about progress. I've stopped commenting but some of the diehards are still persevering. :angel:

It may be some time before we get some really substantial news from JS but at least it proves he hasn't forgotten us entirely. :thumbup:

Re: Set Chopin Free & Jeremy Soule's The Northerner

Not much to say on the progress made by Jeremy Soule when it comes to his masterpiece, The Northerner. Actually. there isn't any progress being reported apart from the refund of payments to backers at a now alarming rate. I still consider you to be a genius as a composer, Jeremy, but the way you have dealt with your KS backers has been nothing short of disgusting.

No refund for me, I'd prefer to stick this one out until the bitter end....and boy is it getting bitter now. :(

Re: Set Chopin Free & Jeremy Soule's The Northerner

Yes, I was aware of its promised arrival, Dino. Once again the announcement was made on his Facebook page and not on Kickstarter where those fans who were prepared to fund him those long years ago can be found... that should probably read those fans who haven't thrown in the towel and demanded refunds can be found.

I haven't seen my code yet but I'm hoping to receive it soon. :angel:

And there's that dreaded word "soon" again. *chuckle*

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